Victoria Ang

After being woken in the very early hours of the morning to pray. I fell back to sleep after several hours of prayer. And was given a dream

In the dream I found myself in a car driving home. I was returning from going to the store to buy groceries . Because my sister was coming to visit me. ( I have prayed for many many years for my family I have no relationship with). As I was driving down the street to my home a bunch of different animals jumped into my car to go home with me. ( I was made known the places they came from where abusive to them and some of the animals were very sick. ( I have taken in many many abused animals) .As I got to my home I took the animals from the vehicle and bought them to a watering hose so they could drink. And tried to tend those most sick and they started to return to health. Afterwards I walked into my house after taking care of the animals to put the groceries away but found water leaking all over the floor from a leaking pipe. But to my SURPRISE I found another one of my sisters in the house unexpectedly. She was sitting at the table in prayer( something again I have prayed for, her to seek God fully) and she had bought two unknown people and a few children with her to help with the leaking pipes and the children helped to move the furniture to clean up the water damage.And the dream ended.

Interpretation :

Soon I will be going home with the Lord. Prayers that I have prayed are being answered . Relationships will be restored with my family.The Spiritual food that I have given them has nourished them as the seeds have been planted. Prayers that I have said for them to turn to the Lord are being answered. The animals that God has placed in my life that I have tended to and help return to health will be coming with me when I leave here. And the prayers for much needed help with all the things the enemy has used against me ( including leaking pipes )are being answered in regards to help needed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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