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Emulsification, The point!

June 10, 2020 5:53 PM

The Lord is a Lord of clarity not confusion. He will not leave us in darkness with one word to stay confuse. As the Lord lead me, here is a short point for us to know about the single word.

“Emulsification.” It is up to us to find out the hidden mystery.

Unless it is important and as long us it comes from the Lord, which I believe it is, one word will not have so much weight.

As I understood it, this word “Emulsification” came at the right moment to warn the people.
Let us first see what the word means.

The best term for mixing a vaccine which is an immunogen is and adjuvant.

AdjuvantImmunology. a substance admixed with an immunogen in order to elicit a more marked immune response.

The word mix is the emulsification and what it is mixed with is the adjuvant.

There might be different kinds of adjuvants for emulsifying/mixing vaccines. Adjuvants are oily substances which help the specific antigen to remain resuspended until it gets absorbed by the body from the area, skine or anywhere else, it is injected.

We use to vaccinate mice with a specific antigen to ilicit immune response against a certain infectious disease. To help the vaccine remain suspended for easy absorption, we used specific adjuvant. This is a common practice in the field of immunology and vaccine development. In our research, the three, the vaccine, the adjuvant and the infectious disease are named which I don’t want to mansion here.

The adjuvant helps emulsify the vaccine to help it remain in the area it is injected/introduced for slow, gradual absorption to create the desired immunity, the desired protection from the same or similar infection, viral or bacterial.

The specific current vaccine in point or any vaccine must be re-suspended, emulsified in an adjuvant. The nature of the adjuvant!!!!!!emulsified/mixed with the antigen matters. What kind of adjuvant will they use for this current vaccine is a point of concern. In these dark times, anything goes. Don’t trust anything they put in your body, specially at this time, that is the point.

Time will tell but for certain, before this vaccine is in place either another pandemic has struck or the soon coming many cascades of calamities will make corona a long forgotten history. This short respite is a time to prepare.

Unless there is a concern, this emulsion revelation wouldn’t have been given. There definitely is something going on in the darkness.

God bless you for sharing what is revealed for you.

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