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EMP – Elsé



March 31, 2022 12:35 AM

I am a sister in Christ who lives in France, in the Paris region on the night of March 3 here is the dream I received :

We were all gathered in the same house, in a huge skyscraper, and I see myself looking out the window and there are flashes all over the sky, its fact like bright lights in the clouds when it goes to rain, but the clouds were pink red white grey, they were not as usual, and I said to my parents, my sisters, my brothers that this is a bad sign, that we must prepare for the impact, his going to hurt, my father didn’t want to leave his living room without recovering I know what, the same for my mother, my sisters laughed but they were wise, listen, my big brother that I am of a few years was also present silent in the dream, he who lives in Swiss laughed, laughed at me when I told him that his money was not going to save him, he wanted to know nothing, he was dressing like someone who went in the evening jet set, I kept looking outside I said there’s lightning everywhere, have to prepare for an attack EMP, to get in position, have gone to crash, there were earthquakes, violent that made tangle the building, it was really impressive…

I showed them how to put themselves in a safe position in a ball and pray, implore the mercy of God, and forgive God, my big brother JJ was the only one who was obstructing/resisting in the house. The dream is over
I have heard to reason with the word
“” EMP“”when the dream is over it was like the voice of thunder


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