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Eminent Danger is at the Door – Shannan Howlett

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Eminent Danger is at the Door

July 4th, 2023 5:50 AM
Shannan Howlett

A couple of days ago I heard my Rottie barking. He only barks when it counts so I knew I had to investigate. I looked out the window and saw him barking towards my house. I suspected it was a small animal trapped and barricaded on my porch trying to escape his wrath. Upon further investigation, I noticed a rattlesnake coiled up under a little table right beside my Adirondack chairs. You know, the chairs that I had been sitting in that very morning with my coffee and the chairs that my grandchildren were sitting in and playing by the day before.

At first I was a little alarmed because I think it unusual for something like this to happen with five dogs in the yard. Also, it was disconcerting because my husband was on an errand about forty minutes away. What to do? All I could think of was I should of learned how to shoot my gun.

We live in a wilderness. We have all sorts of animals on our place that we need protection from including wild hogs, coyotes, snakes and occasionally panthers. The Lord spoke to me about nine months ago and told me to become proficient with my firearm and I didn’t heed His request. Now I could see I had made a serious mistake in not following His request.

Long story short, my dog was able to keep the snake at bay until my husband got home to rescue me. What did I learn from this experience? For the last three years, we have been on an intensive journey preparing for what is about to hit the planet. We have diligently worked on buying, fixing, building, and learning new skills as we prepared for the future. God has told us our property would be a safe haven for us and others. God loves us and wants our good and doesn’t tell us things that we are not capable of doing (with His help). It is up to us to obey. I seriously had to repent for not obeying Him on learning this new skill (becoming proficient with a firearm).

Later that night, in my quiet time with the Lord, I heard Him speak, “Eminent danger is at the door.” In May, He told me we had one hour to prepare before it reached us and now IT IS AT THE DOOR!

People, there is NO more time for delay. Today, as we celebrate our countries freedom, evaluate your life while you still can. Do the things the Lord has spoken, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Eminent danger is at the door!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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