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Emergency Intervention:  Childbirth

January 6, 2021 9:07 AM
Chris Germany

Dear fellow brothers and sisters,

I have to share this dream that I received during January 2nd, 2021:

I found myself in a disturbing situation in a ransacked house. The spot was like a crime scene and I had a profound knowledge of the situation in before. To make it short:

One or more intruders tried to (finally successful) enter a house to wreak havoc and kill the residents. There were lots of intrusion signs, an obvious sign was the devastation of the mailbox that allowed the thugs to enter through the main door. The invaders were chasing the home owner and I finally found him stabbed somewhere upstairs on a couch. The knife went through his upper right chest and left an open wound. But he was still alive.

As a Paramedic I cared for this guy and started emergency treatment. Additional there was a woman brought on a stretcher into the room by another emergency response team. She wasn’t injured as much as the man – but she seemed pregnant. In between the stretchers appeared a female emergency doctor.

When the second emergency response team with the lady started to leave the room the doctor addressed me to explain: “We have to give anesthesia and eventually perform the emergency childbirth (normal one/ no caesarian)”. I wondered because normally we as a team cling to our patient and do not shift to parallel treatment on others. But the doctor made it clear to me that it was essential and the women needed additional attention.

So I went after the second team and told them to stop to perform treatment on this location.

The doctor came right behind me and we found us in a larger room that developed into a semi-professional scene more like an operating theater/ ICU than a living room in this crime house. There was nice medical equipment around us. Not as much as in a theater but quite more than I expected in case of an emergency.

The stretcher with the pregnant lady was located in the middle of the room. The female doctor was on her left side. I found myself located behind the head and there were some medic personnel on the patients’ right side. I found the situation now very clear and nearly forgot the stabbed man in the other room. But I was given the feeling that it was essential to care for this lady who is right before giving birth and it has to be NOW.

The doctor told me in before the drugs required to initiate the anesthesia. So I commanded to the right side the sequence of different drugs for the lady which I got from the doctor. There were different “layers” of medical stuff for support. The syringes were prepared in the background and I went through the drugs. There were not only narcotics but also a capable pain killer for pain relief.

I was asked from the background if I would like to hold the head position to perform intubation later on if necessary. Actually I couldn’t decide it and by arrangement with the doctor we agreed to hold the given positions maybe to change or shift it during treatment. The doctor was very kind; she was a woman in her early 30s, friendly, smart and clear in everything she said.

Then she showed me the result of her performed blood glucose test on the pregnant lady: 24! This is on the verge of dying!!! And she asked serious: “Do you like to establish an iv-line?” YES, CERTAINLY!!! It’s high time! Before I could come into stress she blinked with her eye, smiled and told me to go on – she handled the situation perfectly and with ease! I calmed down and so we were altogether caring for the expectant mother. Situation was not further developing and it seemed that we were waiting for the right time or another person or surgeon to perform the childbirth.

Then the view faded and I awoke with a glimpse on the watch: 03:10 a.m., Saturday 2nd, 2021.

Please take it to the Lord in prayer and feel the urgent need to REPENT! It’s late. We’re waiting for the lady to deliver.

Everything is prepared. As soon as the surgeon is on the spot and the time is right it will happen fast.

The deeper insight I got is:

There is an intrusion through the mailbox to open the main door for entry. Watch out for this aspect. This could mean a big threat to nationwide IT systems or on individual scale (smart homes!).

After the crime took place there are two victims. The man (world?) with more injuries is left with (little) care separated from the women (bride?) who is treated well with most aspects of intensive care and enough medical stuff around her. The focus is very clear.

The childbirth will be the “normal way”. There’s no preparation for caesarian intervention. So the woman has to press and to feel the pain. But there are provisions made to ease the pain.

Last but not least I want to give all PRAISE to the LORD, his BEGOTTEN SON and the HOLY SPIRIT!

Nobody actually could be at this point or on this way without all the dreams, visions and information HE gave us – whether we deserve it or not…. or not….

I think HE wants us to make a final effort to reach this room. Work on your individual position. Maybe the others are still there. When the last preparations take place the door is shut, the world (heavily injured man) is left outside. Nobody inside the room cares for him, we cannot even hear him. We’re focused on the lady and the childbirth. We’re busy. The lady needs ALL of our attention!

The pregnant woman is unconscious/ unresponsive, she has a blood glucose which is far from living. Her body gave nearly last nutrition for cell activity, now not much more is left. From my position there has to be any action to rescue her and the child, otherwise the baby is dying with the mother.

The doctor is keeping track of the room. She is the one to handle every aspect of the preparation with ease and turn it over to the one we’re waiting for.

All Glory to the LORD – OUR KING is coming!



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