Elites Meeting – Marty Breeden

Elites Meeting

September 4, 2019
Marty Breeden

Last night I had a dream where I saw many of the worlds professing “Elites” meeting.
I saw governmental leaders, religious leaders, and many advisers.

In a clear mockery of supposed purity, they all dressed in white, but in this dream the Lord allowed me to see that in fact, these people had very dark hearts.
I recognized many of them, some I had never seen before.
There was truly a sense of unholy unity among them.
I was only allowed to hear certain portions of their discussion.

I know that they were talking about creating very hard times specifically for Israel and the Jewish people.

As they spoke about this subject in particular, there was a demonic and visceral hatred in their speech and on their faces.
The conversation then turned to world chaos and the steps that would be systematically taken to create havoc and to increase pressure on Christians worldwide.
Again, it seemed as though their faces contorted with hatred speaking of Christian’s.

There were to be coming events, even orchestrated events that would cause world opinion to begin to turn against that which they were against.

There was a time during the dream that I could feel fear and even anger begin to grab my heart….

It was at that moment though, that it seemed i could hear the soft voice of Jesus, the “Shepherd and Bishop of our souls” speak to my heart:

“Yes, Yes, I see it all, do not fear!
Let not your heart be troubled, trust Me in the coming days, in the midst of these events, you will still have my peace and my comfort!
Remind my children that I am making intercession for them!”

I awoke…..

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