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Economic Shock Wave: Get Ready – Caroline Diadem

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Economic Shock Wave: Get Ready

November 8, 2022
Caroline Diadem


Auto Generated Transcript

good afternoon friends and hope
everybody is well
um it’s been a while since I came on and
I was beginning to think oh I wonder
does the Lord stop speaking to me
um but no he hasn’t he he actually then
surprised me with this quite
um an amazing message and so I have an
important message to share with you but
what I actually want to do is I want to
share something that he shared with me
on the 24th of September
2022 so
um I want to share that first because
it’s actually connected with this word
and that I received so please stay tuned
it’s really an important word I’m going
to speak
um a little bit about a territory that
that the Lord was giving me visuals
um that Mr P is going into and I I think
I’m gonna have to start coding his name
uh it’s Putin but I might call him Mr P
just in case and also and then after
um something very significant that’s
going to to happen is very very
significant message okay and I’m just
letting you know that so let me just
pray just as I start
it’s funny because it’s like just before
I receive an important message like this
and the spiritual attack becomes so
heavy and like my week like the last
week week and a half it was I don’t know
I feel like I was in a brain fog for two
weeks really especially last week it was
just I don’t know it was just so weird I
can’t describe it I think the enemy just
gets more and more subtle in in what he
does but anyway so
um then
the morning that I woke up will be you
know when I was began to receive this
message it’s just like everything just
there was such a shift you know so
um you I suppose really I should know by
now that when that happens that you know
it’s probably got to do with the
prophetic and you know that the enemy’s
resisting what you know what God is
gonna do with me you know but anyway so
let me share this folks
actually let me just pray before I start
so this Clarity
um with what I’m sharing
so Lord I just thank you and thank you
for my viewers Lord thank you for all of
them God thank you
that they are so patient Lord and thank
you for all their encouragement
and Lord anybody who’s sick or feeling
isolated or feeling lonely God or who
needs a touch from you today
Lord I just ask that you touch them by
your spirit just let them know that you
are with them
and that you are their shield and their
protector and their Hiding Place Lord
and that you will help them and shield
the Lord from anything that comes
against them Lord we just thank you for
your Providence we thank you that you’re
a mighty God that you’re a good God that
you’re a loving God and that you are a
savior Lord so I thank you Jesus help me
to deliver this word just with Clarity
Lords and with just as you as you gave
it to me God so we just Praise You In
The Name of Jesus Christ amen amen
so thank you Lord so I just want to
start off on the 24th of September I
want to share this because I was just
praying with some friends of mine and
this is what happened right so I got a
prophecy today under the anointing word
I was shaking onto the anointing
and I heard the Lord say there is a big
shock coming to the church
then there was silence but anointing and
then again was shaking
he said it would be like a wave that
shakes like a mass current has come in
over the people and then he said as a
reminder I know the plans I have for you
says the Lord not to harm you but to
give you a future and a hope
I also sense this is an end time move to
bring us closer to our destiny the
millennial reign of Christ it’s a shock
wave but I don’t know what it is
and then PS yesterday which is the 23rd
of September 22.
um Mr Putin has announced he is drafting
troops 100K 100 000 and he called it a
partial draft
I want to share that because it’s a
foundation of what this word was because
the Lord be revealed to me what this
shock wave is right
and that was kind of um
that was pretty profound because I was
just praying with my friends from church
and I was shaking onto the power of God
that hit me you know so this is it right
so anyway
so I got this message on the November
the 4th 2022 I felt it’s very urgent
this is a very urgent message to write
especially the second part of the
message there’s two parts of this
message right so the first one is a
little bit different and it shifts in in
its um content okay in its theme as well
and so I’m first hearing so I’m under
the anointing and I’m hearing drafting
troops I’m hearing gaining territories
big push troops and Airborne this is all
the words I’m hearing first of all
so I see now as we’re going to see
things I see a lot more troops on the
ground I see them and I sense a push
I see these troops helping one another
they’re hiding out in some places it’s a
territorial push
I sense a lot of activity going on I
sense a rush they are getting in place
to take over a territory of some kind
they are laying the groundwork is what I
hear I hear them saying it it’s a
strategic move to take over a territory
it’s a large territory I’m not sure
where but I suspect it is in in the
Ukraine and I sense the night time and I
sense them moving in the dark under
darkness of nights
I also had the sense that the weather is
a factor
and if the wind is with them or against
them I hear them discussing this is the
wind with us
um so maybe it’s um
this strategic move right now okay so
the the including the weather in what
they’re doing
I hear you both tanks the enemy
and I hear his exacting Vengeance I can
hear it
that’s what he wants to do exact
they’re scouting and I hear them
scouting calling the reserves they are
overcoming land barricades Hills and
drops I can see the soldiers moving over
the terrain
it’s the territory that they are trying
to press through they are assisting one
to venture over the natural barricades
of the of the land so I saw soldiers
helping each other over certain you know
um barricades kind of like you know
little minute minor Cliffs kind of
so they’re determined to get this
territory and now they’re moving quickly
to get it
they are very on point there’s no
messing around
they are shifting and quickly it’s a new
push it’s a new move and I know that
Putin has drafted a lot of soldiers and
troops and that’s what I’m seeing I’m
seeing troops hiding out and helping
each other over difficult terrain and
it’s like there is a big push going on
they are on point and there’s a big push
okay that’s what I’m sensing
okay let me see
it’s going to be a little bit different
this time I sense them hiding in The
um and now and now I sense there is more
drafting they are still drafting in
soldiers there’s a big push forward in
this and they will be successful in this
as it is strategic it’s tactical it’s
very scheduled and planned and they are
moving to take over this territory
and I it’s a big pitch it’s a big push
okay so this is significant I came this
morning I was going to play a worship
song but God wanted me to speak to me so
I I believe this is a significant launch
forward because he is plugging for a
strategic territory and he’s going to
get it and he’s drafted a lot of troops
to get it so
that’s the first part that was just I
was seeing visuals and hearing the
soldiers right
so then this is the second part of the
message okay changes in contact content
and theme boycott they boycott the USA
it’s going down
I feel the wealth of the USA is really
falling we are not seeing it and it is
not being spoken about the stock markets
is really about to plunge
it’s falling very quickly right now it
is such a deception because we have not
been informed about the impact of what
is happening in America there is a lot
of things which I believe Putin has done
the linchpin has been pulled that is
causing America to fall with regards to
its wealth it has got to do with killing
the dollar the value and the dollar is
plunging I don’t know if it’s got to do
with the Petra dollar the money the oil
is being traded in I think that is the
linchpin that is being pulled
I have a very strong sense right now the
dollar is evaporating over this like it
is such a serious hit
it is not being talked about not enough
it is not coming on the main media I’ve
not heard it on the news or anything but
by golly I’m sensing it I’m really
sensing it I think Putin knows where he
is hitting and he’s hitting hard but we
are not being informed of this
of how successful Putin has been how
strategic Putin has been in this Putin
is very tactical and strategic
everything he is doing
he is doing move by move step by step
but it’s quite a lot of thought it’s got
a lot of thought intelligence strategy
maneuvering and almost engineering type
of precision to what he is doing
it’s quite amazing what he’s doing and
America is not talking about this
so even Putin must know that what
America is
sorry even Putin must know that what
America is doing is producing lies and
foolishness because he is succeeding in
his mission and I sense it
he is confident he is not like how the
media is portraying him
you know that he’s nervous or that
everything’s getting out of control no
my sense is that Putin is confident and
I saw him looking very sharp and very
confident about what he’s doing
he is skillful and he knows exactly
he’s maneuvering he knows exactly how to
take down the elephant basically
he is like the cat watching the mouse
and he knows how to take that Mouse out
I think this is what is going on I’m
sensing it strongly this morning
but I have a very strong sense that
America’s wealth is evaporating it is
being hit so bad
and soon I’m talking not years here I’m
I’m not talking months I’m not even
talking weeks I never put times on
things but I’m sensing this is urgent
this is really soon we are going to see
the stocks plump plummet
I’m hearing stock margins this is what
I’m hearing
I don’t know what this is and I’m
hearing the word risky I’m hearing
equities these are warnings from the
Lord right now I’m hearing stocks again
and I’m hearing Ventures
now these things I’m not I’m not
familiar with all these terms but this
is what the Lord is speaking to me okay
so those of you are in the
um Financial Arena you know come back to
me on this and maybe leave your comments
because you’ll you can confirm you know
some of these things what I’m talking
I hear take a hit
so something is going to take a hit now
I think this is this is really important
they are going to allow something to
take a hit because of the this nose dive
this is imminent that’s what I’m sensing
it’s almost immediate it is so urgent so
urgent you are going to notice now or
very close to now
they are going to allow something to
take a big hit to try and hold up the
market to hold up these finances to
stall it to give them a little bit more
time because the finances are collapsing
basically that is what I’m feeling the
finances are collapsing and something is
going to take a hit so that they can
plump it up for a little more time
and I’m hearing the word stability
and they’re trying to bring a bit of
stability to the market for a period of
time they are
um sorry they are Plumping it up
but this is my warning now
this is only a temporary measure
that will be the destruction
it’s like okay
so when we see this hit now I think I
I’m my feeling is but I’m not sure 100
I think it will be the housing I think
it might be I think it’s already
beginning to start
um but my my feeling is it could be the
and this is the this whatever it is
that’s going to take a hit we’re going
to see it like imminently kind of night
like I feel it’s already starting
so we will see this hit we will see
something taking a big hit
and when you see that know this
that the Lord is showing us this sign
this hit that following this hit there
will be a complete
collapse stock market the bottom is
gonna fall out right
I want to emphasize that
so it’s like I see a water balloon and
it’s gone wobbly it’s tilted to one side
and they are trying to stabilize it but
the balloon is the market and it’s
tilting to one side right now so
something is going to take a hit at
least to try and delay this crash
listen folks it’s it’s so coming it is
calming her demise is coming and now
it’s coming quickly it’s like There Is
No Escape
there is no rescue to it it has taken
such a bad hit right now and I believe
Putin right now
has really hit it
Putin and probably China it has taken
such a hit right now that the stocks and
Market is reeling if it is not reeling
now it is just about to and something
will take a hit to Garner time but after
you can be sure it’s going to be full-on
collapse this bubble this balloon is
going to pop and the water is going to
gush out and bring such destruction such
catastrophic destruction that you cannot
imagine it is going to be like a tidal
wave that is going to hit and cause a
massive tidal wave of Destruction it is
an economic destruction it will be
so that was the Shockwave that the Lord
was showing me there back in the end of
he was just giving me
he was helping me to feel the shock of
it that’s why I was shaking you know
but under the power of God but um so
this is very very
and this is all
from the holy spirit this is all what
the Holy Spirit was revealing to me
so get food get water get items that you
you get that you you sorry get items
that you will need that will carry you
through three months at the very least
because it’s going to get tough it’s
going to get viciously hard heating you
will need fuel coal wood oil you need
fuel I know it’s expensive but get your
bunkers full now I’m feeling the Lord is
pressing this upon me to tell you this
okay that these are the primary things
and I was kind of asking the Lord to
continue to prompt me and show me what I
need to
speak out you know about this right
um okay so I know it’s expensive but get
your bunkers full it’s gonna get worse
when this happens you can’t buy anything
get your fuel in order now don’t delay
because you think it’s too expensive get
it now
it’s going to Skyrocket I’m telling you
this is going to get really bad I’m
feeling it right now get your fuel in
order get your coal filled up your fuel
filled up fill it to the brim and fill
it more than you can possibly fill it
that’s going to be like treasure
especially if you’re in a cold climate
you need to fill it up now lighting I
felt the Lord prompt me on these okay
lighting get candles get alternative
lighting methods food oil water lighting
I’m just asking the Lord here what would
be significant any any kind of props
that you need for how you live your life
get them
anything that you need fixing get it
done now spend your money now for
anything you need to fix now now now
because you will not be able to do it
you won’t be able to do this when things
go go belly up things that you have
procrastinating on getting done get it
done now just get it done now just get
it done
this could go anytime this is such an
urgent call this is very urgent
I know you’ve probably heard it for a
long time but listen there’s no going
back we are busted already
there is no going back now I’m telling
you we are sliding straight down like
full Pelt into recession
full Pelt into recession
I’m telling you because the economies
are going to go down America is done
America is done and though scheming
slimy slippery power mongering deviants
know this is coming
they are not warning no one and I really
felt the anger of the Lord over this
really felt the anger of God over this
they’re not warning they are not warning
the disaster that’s about to emerge
God help them they are not helping no
one God will curse them
God won’t help them either God will help
you God will help you if you look to him
guys this is an urgent warning this is
an urgent warning please get this out to
if you are in a territory where you need
guns get your guns
have your guns ready make sure you get
your guns protection make sure you’re
protected if you need barricades if you
need walls around your house if you need
to fix your Gates or your fences get it
done fix your windows get it done
this is what I’m feeling right now I’m
just asking the Lord is there anything
else and these are the things he’s
showing me get your house in order get
it ready get it ready get it ready
get your locks and your doors have your
guns ready have your walls fences built
around your house to protect you
have double locks if you can get them
get them for your Gates and your your
doors this is because chaos is going to
break out
there’s a there was another lady called
um Jolene and um she’s from the channel
um Yeshua mashiach I think it is
and she warned about this I remember her
giving out warnings some time ago about
this and the chaos that’s going to ensue
so you might want to check her Channel
out I might just see if I can find her
videos actually on this
um okay Jolene is her name a lot of her
prophecies confirm a lot of my
prophecies as well you know she’s um
yeah she’s she’s she’s very prophetic
she’s bang on target she’s bang on I
didn’t know what it was but this is it
the world oh yeah sorry check out her
channel so Shockwave this is what’s
coming Shockwave God gave me a word on
this recently which I just shared with
I didn’t know what it was but this is it
the world is not going to be the same
after this
medicines get medicines
just asking the Lord anything else get
medicines have medicines that you can
wean yourself off slowly if you need to
have extra extra medicines first aid and
all the things you might need get them
ready get them ready get them ready
so folks this is going down it’s going
down it’s going down this is such an
urgent message that the lord gave to me
two days ago and I wanted to come on as
soon as I possibly could to get this out
to you and I know that there’s a lot of
Preppers out there and in America you’re
probably a lot more ready than a lot of
us you know
um I have some food but I haven’t got a
lot myself so I need to start really get
taking this serious myself
um so yeah so please folks take that
serious it’s an urgent warning warning
from the from the Lord
um I was wondering when I was going to
get something like this because
I just knew things was was going to
escalate you know and God already showed
me about what some of the these things
that’s going to come in the future so
just check back in some of my videos and
you can see and these things are already
happening they’re already happening
right now you know
um so anyway I’ll leave it there
um I have done two videos
you know bringing together all the
prophetic words I’ve had about this
world war coming
so I might put those videos on
um they’re just yeah so they’re just my
prophecies that have just been all kind
of been brought together you know what I
mean so they’re all in one place so
um I might post them on here I’ll just
see how it goes
God bless you all give me your comments
and please do and if you’re in the
financial system
and you see what’s going on and you can
give us some more information on this
we’d love to hear from you you can email
me or you can um just um put some
comments on on my channel underneath
here I will yeah I’ll add my email
address underneath okay God bless you
all stay blessed trust the Lord at this
time we don’t have to fear just trust in
the Lord trust in the Lord God has us
you know ask him what you need to do as
I have to and each one of us have to
because we’re all in different countries
we’re all doing this differently you
know I don’t know how Ireland’s going to
be attacked I don’t know you know the
parts of Europe how they’re going to be
um I know that God showed me France and
UK are going to be attacked with bombs I
don’t know I don’t think the nuclear and
but at some stage I saw that for sure
the Lord showed me that I haven’t you
know otherwise it’s America for sure
um apart from that I don’t know about
Ireland I don’t know about other
countries so God bless you all and I’ll
speak to you again soon bye

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