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December 15, 2022
Julie Whedbee

In the early morning of Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, I had a dream. It has taken me several days before I could write this as the dream was so incredibly realistic, feeling like I was literally living through the experience, feeling the suffering and pain, that I have not been able to post it before this. I am going to keep it brief, without all the detail, as it was quite horrific and full of carnage and death. I was myself in the dream but living as if I was someone else.

I happened to be in the state of Florida when this happened. I was on the beach, when suddenly a large wave came up the dunes and almost to the road. I knew instantly it was a tsunami. I screamed at those around me that this was a tsunami and to get to higher ground. The second wave came in less than 2 minutes after the first and came up over the road. We were running, but it was useless. The third wave completely engulfed the first half mile of coastline. I had the understanding that the cause was a huge event in the Atlantic Ocean like a body falling in the water or perhaps a volcano exploding? I wasn’t sure but thought I heard someone in the distance yelling about something starting with a “C”..(possibly Cumbre Viejo) There was an extremely large earthquake that caused the tsunami.

The devastation and destruction are not describable, and I also knew this had happened to the entire East coast of the USA. Most of those I saw were either not believers at all or lukewarm at best. They were naturally in complete terror, those who were not yet dead, and thousands and thousands of others were dying suddenly, without warning, very violent deaths. I saw a few people who considered themselves believers, although not born again ones, in pockets, and what was interesting was although they too were experiencing extreme suffering, they had a more calm disposition as if they understood supernaturally that they must go through this experience because they previously did not obey Father’s warnings or instructions to repent. They knew they may die as many were greatly injured, but at least they had a few moments to come to a place of repentance beforehand.

I’m sure using your imagination you can picture what this looked like, therefore I don’t need to go into any more detail, but it was gruesome. I know my position and that no prophecy given to me is for my private interpretation but for the body, and so being obedient, although many others have posted about this judgment which is to occur, I must post it. This vision is not for those in the first fruits remnant so much as it is for the lukewarm, and especially those later who will find these messages and realize how Father spoke through His messengers for years and years to warn then of what was coming and to repent.

Please, share this with anyone you think has ears to hear what His Spirit is saying and please, make sure you are in a constant state of repentance as we know not what hour this event will take place but in my spirit, I believe it is much sooner than we may believe because although I have had warnings before concerning this particular judgment, I have not yet experienced one in this great of detail and one this disturbing to me.

I love you all, and I pray for every one of you daily. Thank you always for your prayers and your support for us as well, we are so very grateful! Stay strong in our King Yahushua!

Shalom, shalom,


Matthew 3:2 KJV “And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

(I just decided to look at the Strongs reference for the number 1201 which is the minute I just posted this and here it is- confirmation that this is for those still walking in the bondage/prison of satan and his dark kingdom)

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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