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Earthquake East Coast – Sabbath Seekers

Earthquake East Coast
Dream 1.10.2020

Jan 10, 2020
Sabbath Seekers

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hi guys that’s Lisa I wanted to come on
just real quick to share a dream I had
in the early hours of this morning
and I wanted to share with you quickly
because this seems this actually seemed
like it really happened I’ve never been
in an earthquake but I feel like I kind
of have now because I experienced one in
the spirit so the dream was I was
standing in between the kitchen in the
hallway I was kind of walking back and
forth because I was on the phone with
someone and it’s pretty late at night
and I’ve been known to talk on the phone
but usually not not you know usually try
not to after midnight you know have an
extended conversation like that but I
knew about what time it was because
Deborah was going to sleep so she had
just gone in to go to bed and I was
still on the phone but I was I had it on
speakerphone and I had it laying on the
Baker’s rack that is in between the
hallway in the kitchen and I was just
talking while I did a couple of things
but all of a sudden as soon as she
closed the door she hadn’t been in there
for probably two or three minutes when
the house started shaking and I was
trying to tell this brother that I was
on the phone with hold on just a second
it seemed like he was getting irritated
with me but I I said hold on just a
second I I think there’s like a big
train or something I don’t know hold on
and but the house kept it it kept
getting stronger and stronger to the
point where I never go into Bob and
Deb’s room without knocking well I
forgot about the phone altogether I just
I said oh it’s an earthquake
and I went through I could barely walk
it was rumbling the house was shaking so
much I could barely get through to open
the door to get in and Bob and up or
already up looking out the window and we
all ran to the front part of the house
to the front door and I didn’t go out
but I looked out and there were so many
people like already in the street there
was a police car going by and there were
people running I kind of looked up on
the corner of the house and it looked
like they Eve but where your eaves and
overhangs it looked like it was ripping
apart from the roof like like the space
between the roof in the house was just
tearing just tearing off I just
splitting and breaking off I’m kind of
in a little bit of shock about this
because it I can’t stress to you enough
how real it felt I really thought it was
happening and before anything else could
happen when I woke up I was just looking
out the window and seeing the eaves
start to break off this was in the
people running in the streets or there
was a couple of people running some
people were just walking some people
were standing there it all happened so
this probably went on for I would say
the timing of everything for probably
like a minute and a half to two minutes
this was a long earthquake and it grew
and intensity and it just shook for I
bet in the dream it it probably went for
a minute and a half to two minutes
I’m gonna woke up so I just wanted to
share that with you guys I don’t know if
anyone else is you know I live on the
East Coast I’ve heard about people
having dreams about earthquakes I
personally have never had one until now
and so
you know let me know if you have if any
of you have had any recent dreams about
earthquakes or messages received from
the Lord about anything like this
because this was a violent earthquake in
North Carolina so I will talk to you
guys soon and I hope you have a blessed
day bye-bye

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