America, Civil Unrest, Dream, Earthquake

Earthquake, Civil Unrest, No Military, Poisoned Air, Tsunami, Put On Your Armor – YanKee Gal

Earthquake, Civil Unrest, No Military, Poisoned Air, Tsunami, Put On Your Armor

August 15, 2020
YanKee Gal


I had a dream last night. Dreamnt I wanted to get into my car but could not. Land dropped a lot. Cars were above me. Then left there walking. Ended up of all places in downtown Burlington.

Then saw people crazy in the streets. I ran to one store front and inside was a woman, older, who was a marine with an army of men. I left, saluting her. She thanked me for my service. I thanked her. Told her I am old and disabled. They watched me leave the building alone.

Then I went into a store which I thought was a scuba shop. I ran out and others with me. Then these people said, “put this suit on.” It zipped up from a pair of like old ski boots with square bottoms. And the suit was ultra light, and the boots. Another person was in that suit and said, “follow me”. You must get to the next place before you run out of oxygen that is in your suit. I said, “i can’t run.” They said, “the suit is lightning fast and gets you there.” I said, “sir, I don’t know where I am going.” He said, “i will take you there. My name is Turbo. Hold onto me.” And I did. And with lightning speed we left there to the next place of safety. Then I woke up.

Meaning of Dream:

The land drop means to me a fault line and the earth is split, earthquake and it sinks. so it will be difficult to travel roads and on land. people going crazy in downtown tells me civil unrest government has failed – total anarchy. old marine and soldiers in building tells me our military is retired, no more defending us or our country. the scuba suit tells me soon our air is poisoned and a tsunami of water will flood us. the man in the suit Turbo is the speed of God’s angels to deliver those who are obedient to Him and follow Him. the suit is the armor of light, our spiritual warfare in Jesus Christ. amen.


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