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Each Person is Responsible for Their Own Destination

June 29, 2024


I Am who I Am and have always been. I control everything that you perceive. Much is changing at a rapid pace. There will be little time to catch your breath. All things are designed to wake you up to my existence.
Many have spent much time with me over the last decade. Many of these children will be used in the coming months to bring others to me. As things progressively get worse, these individuals will be sought out by many that have shunned them in the past. They will become the beacon of hope that ties each individual to me, thru them.
Some will avoid my chosen, for their sins are too great and fully embedded in their souls. The difficulty of separating flesh from their sins, are great. For they love their sins so much that separation from them is a major challenge.

There will also be a separation from dark and light. As each child chooses their dwelling, in one or the other, they become more pronounced in their choice for light or darkness. You cannot have both, for they are opposites of each other.

Each person is responsible for their own destination. I give ALL the ability to find me, but they circumvent the path that I set out for them to find. Their strongholds of sin must be addressed if they are to escape the clutches of darkness.

Start with repentance, be humble and never prideful. From repentance, change is the next step to recovery. I will help, if you ask. Ask to take away desires that have held your soul captive. I Am there if you wish to find me. Start today, for tomorrow is never promised.


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