Each Obstacle is a Hurdle to Wake Us Up to Your Existence – LynL

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Each Obstacle is a Hurdle to Wake Us Up to Your Existence

June 19, 2024 10:25 AM


The course your taking (God), to change this Earth, are the obstacles we will endure, till Earth is without sin.

Each obstacle is a hurdle, put in our way, to wake us up to your existence. To awaken our soul, so we no longer follow our fleshly desires and motives. We try to hang on to what we have always been comfortable in, our sinful nature.
But now, the opposing forces will get greater, separating us even more, to show us who we are, in your Kingdom or the opposing one.
Is our soul redeemable in the current state it is in? Will we find our creator, before our last breath? Is our directional finder pointed in the correct direction of “Due God” (toward God)? What will it take to shift our consciousness to salvation while bathing ourselves in forgiveness and love for others? Will we understand, all rules and commandments, were made to show us the way and path to your Heavenly Kingdom?

I understand very little, but know you are there for me to call out to, to find my way, if lost or in need of a friend. You are my Father, my teacher, the one who develops my soul as I hear more closely each day. Give me direction in a path that is travelled by few, so I become one with you.

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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