Each New Day – Gary Bertnick


Gary Bertnick

Monday Oct. 1, 2018

Each new day greater

As we draw closer,

Even a new song of praise

Brings us closer to our God;

As His servants

As vessels of healing & encouragement

Cups of love poured out for others met

Seen or unseen, near or far away,

Cups only to be refilled day after day!

The fellowship of our Lord the food and drink that sustains us

Whether on desert plains

Or splendid meadows with a lake of beauty nearby

Or lonely back roads to small towns and villages,

Our joy carries us steadfastly along

Even the joy of the Lord!

For we have been given living glimpses

We have seen and tasted what is coming in Your Kingdom

The blanket of heavenly luxury that will cover

With eternal warmth,

Our spirits and souls have clearly seen our Savior

The Ruler of all nations

The Lord of Creation who formed the planets

To go about our own star

Like the presence of the moon moves about the Earth

And billions of stars the tapestry that clothes the night,

We have looked and seen deeply

Now known by our hearts and souls

Our path as followers of the only true Lord

Grows brighter and brighter

As each day dawns!

“The Book of Calling Home”


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