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E pluribus unum: America you have been weighed – Olasubomi Williams
Rembrandt  (1606–1669)

E pluribus unum: America you have been weighed

NOVEMBER 12, 2023 1:33 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Revelations 18

Words of the lord Jesus Christ

Children, watch the movie the forever purge and see the downfall of your country. America, you have been weighed, you have been found wanting. You have been declared guilty and your judgement is now upon you. The end of your nation has been declared says I Yahusha your Messiah.

You idolize all things except me. You bring judgement upon your heads by perversing my laws. My commandments. You call good evil and evil good. An evil and adulterous generation you are. Wicked lot, your judgement is upon you.

E pluribus unum, out of many, you are. You are the nation that will reach a final end. Violence and wickedness will increase in your street and your nation. Many will pick up firearms to defend themselves rather than seek me. Gangs will raid your homes, your territories and plunder all you have. The voice of the righteous in your nation will be silent. There will be no one to help you in your time of need. Mass emigration, mass slaughter, death as far as the eyes can see. America you have been weighed and you have been found wanting.
The services and rescues you once believed in, will no longer come to you. America, your enemies will mock you for what you have become. They will put you to shame as this once great nation becomes a den of terrorists and murderers. The American dream will no longer exist. I will scatter from amongst you to lands you have never gone to or been in. I will separate and scatter this land of abominations into a million pieces. Many will go to places they have never thought of going. They will go to Mexico, Canada, Australia, Bahrain and many other neighbouring nations as well as far nations. To those who decide to stay, they will receive my judgement in full force. In the exception of the righteous, they will die with their idols or be forced to go to lands they have never been to. For the evil they have committed to other nations, for shackling other nations in debt and war, I will bring that which they have caused upon the nations unto them.

America, your leaders are playing a long game. They serve the beast to bring about his kingdom into your land. America, I say it again. You will not have what you want. You will receive your punishment in full measures. There is no repentance for this nation, only judgement.

I will either silence the voice of the righteous from this defiant nation, or I will send them far away, never to come back. America, your end has begun.


Jesus Christ, Yahusha ha masheach. That’s all my son.

Final message from Jesus Christ: My children all over the world. If you have expectations of living a fulfilled life in this fallen country. Kiss those expectations goodbye. I will destroy this nation in full. It is time now to seek me.


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