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Drone Fired Missile @ NYC – Paul Campos

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

Drone Fired Missile @ NYC

August 20, 2022 5:30 PM
Paul Campos

Vision from 2 weeks ago

In service I had a vision a missile was being loaded into a silo, I could see the military bunker, it was resting on a wheeled cart to push it up a ramp, The missile was fired at a building in New York City, I am almost 100 percent sure what building It was, then I saw the thermal scope of the drone the missile firing the white flash and I felt hopelessness for those people, I knew they were gone, I felt pain for them. I could not shake this,

The lord told me this needs to be released on Tuesday, I trust whoever posts this be obedient to the Lord, Shalom,

God says these things are preventable by prayer. He loves us much we have to pray this doesn’t happen, but all according to his will not ours.

Peace be with us ‘tell them the sewers will be overrun, there will be no where to hide’ the lord spoke


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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