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Dream:Warplanes Flying With Paratroopers – Akeem Godson

By Akeem Godson

September 12, 2016

Again… i had another dream this night and i know they are warning from God of what is about to come….

in the dream , i was outside , in a mountain with other people even my mom was here and suddenly of nowhere i saw many warplane flying in the sky far way from me and seen many soldier jumping of the plane in parachute and started to shoot everyone , i was like * they are already here ? * , i seen people panicked and running for their life and tried to find a place to hide , these soldiers killed everyone they see and with no mercy , i saw my mom in the ground praying while everybody was runnning , i find a sniper in the ground and try shoot one of the soldier but i can’t shoot ,like if something don’t wanted me to shoot them , i told my mom go somewhere to hide and i will stay here to kill them but she tell me no , you will kill nobody , when she told me this , i feel in my spirit God don’t wanted me i kill someone… my mom told me come , enter in the car , we gonna somewhere where they will never find us and thinking about this place ,i enter in the car , my two sister was here too and we move somewhere….

the scene change , i enter in a store with my mom , she started to buy something and talk with the cashier and i was here and waiting impatiently and i told my mom ,

* mom does i tell them ? they need to know , i don’t care if they dont believe , i need to tell them because this is my job from God to warn people of what is about to come and so they can be ready and no be scared when this gonna happen *

and one of them answer * what , what do you need to tell us ? go tell us ? * and people in the store started to looking me and listen and i say to them

* maybe you dont see it but we are in the last days and many thing gonna happen , does you hear the story of sodom and gomorrah ? America is become like this now , the sin has increased here and became a horrible smell ( sin stinks ) in God’s nostrils and God will judge them like he did to sodom and gomorrah , , Russia , North korea and other country will come to attack america and if you dont know God , seek God now because he is the only one who can protect you , nobody else can protect you of what is about to come but GOD ONLY , put your trust in him and you will not regret *….

( end dream )

Does anyone here has a dream like this ? ????


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