Dream, Prepare

Dream:”SOMETHING BIG IS COMING, PREPARE!”! – Veronica Bueche

By Veronica Bueche

March 20, 2018

I had two dreams of something to do with the weather, dreams were back to back…
3/17/18 & 3/18/18
I was preparing in both dreams for what I heard in a loud voice “SOMETHING BIG IS COMING, PREPARE!”! In my dream, i was at the grocery store picking up food and water, then gasoline, then at home clearing the yard and picking things up so the high winds and flood waters don’t take it away… I don’t know what is coming but I was warned twice… when I woke up the night of the last dream, it was thundering and rain hit the Windows hard, I could hear the winds as it whistled… the next morning I found a friend took this picture of that short lived weather blew through…

it was not what I dreamed was coming but yet a third warning I felt! What I thought was rain, was actually hail…

People please get to the store for supplies today, it won’t be a waste but this will come un-expectantly when everything seems normal just like this third time with the hail came through… I believe many will flock the stores in the middle of this storm not preparing in advance, supplies yet we are not in hurricane season as the weather people reports… it will be off season event that will leave you without the supplies for your family to survive… please take this warning seriously and get non-perishables … the Lord gave me three warnings back to back here… pray and test the dreams see if it’s from the Lord always…


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