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Dreams: Poisoned Food Causing Famine & Preparing the Gardens of Your Heart – Sean H

By Sean H

May 2017

Dreams: Poisoned Food Causing Famine & Preparing the Gardens of Your Heart

Over the past month, I re-tore my shoulder after an incident. From the get go, I had been informed through prayer that I would face affliction, but now is the time to grow with the Lord.

On April 14-15 2017, I had two separate dreams with a central theme of an attack coming that will lead to famine. During the time of the Spring Feasts, and before the dreams occurred, I had been asking the Lord to reveal what was to come and what the church should be preparing for. This is what the Lord revealed.

Dream 1:

In the dream, I started out at my grandparent’s farm. They have been with the Lord for over ten years; therefore, I knew our family no longer owned the farm. I went from room to room utterly confused because nothing looked the same. I saw my uncle who had worked on the ranch for many years prior. I asked him why the farm had changed so much and he said, “It is because the new owners have changed the foundation.”

I was shocked by his response because I vaguely understood what was truly meant by his words. My shoulder began to ache so I went to my medicine bag to take something for the pain. My sister’s nurse friend walked into the saying, “Sean, do not take the medicine! It is poison! Nothing is safe to take anymore.”

I continued trying to take the medicine, but kept spitting it out because of the bitter taste. I decided to leave the room because I was annoyed. I walked through the door and was automatically in my mom’s car at a grand banquet hall parking lot.

I had to put my arm sling back on to maintain the shoulder pain. As I was putting on the sling, I saw two girls that I attended school with for many years with their college basketball teammates. They smiled and pointed towards the banquet hall doors.

I followed my mom into the elaborate banquet hall having no idea where I was. In this hall were two buffet lines with gourmet food. I went to the buffet line at the back end of the hall. To my dismay, all the plates were gone. I felt so angry because I was the only one in that line who did not receive any food. There was a rule that only those with plates could obtain food.

In a state of irritability, I hurried over to the second buffet line towards the front of the hall. The situation remained the same. I could not receive any food because there were no more plates. This time, more people were around who could not acquire any food either. All of us threw a temper tantrum and sat down at the same table. My mom was as angry as I was.

As I looked around at everyone who were eating, their mouths began to foam and many began falling out of their seats unconscious. A great panic swept over everyone in the room. From what I could see, the people who had already ate their food were dead. Besides those with no food to eat, there were only a few survivors. Two of them were the girls I went to school with.

As panic spread, we all turned our heads upon hearing the sounds of explosions off in the distance. I could not see the location of these bombs. Albeit, I kept on repeating that the bombs were a bioterror or chemical attack and that we needed to get to a safer area.

I told the survivors to follow me because God would guide us and I had the answers as to what was going on. We ended up in a small room with 12 people including my mother and me. I told everyone that the only way to be protected was to repent and give their full faith and devotion to Him.

Five people repented and five did not. The girls I saw earlier both repented. Those who did not repent started mocking God by saying the usual mockery that we hear today. They were blaming Him for the attack. As the mockers went towards the windows, I saw red dots appear on their heads. We watched as they were all shot dead in that moment. I woke up directly after.


Being at our family farm was a representation to a safe place that I have always treasured in my heart. Unfortunately, that safe place was completely changed from what I originally knew. This represents America and the world today.

The poisoned pain medication is a way of the Lord warning of poisons we so readily ingest daily without truly following the Lord for healing and guidance. Many who know about the New World Order and government organizations who distribute our food and pain medications, can understand this in a clear concise manner. We readily take the quick fix rather than facing correction of what lead us to the problem in the first place.

When the scene changed to a grand banquet hall, I believe this was a way of showing that I was attending a festival or big event. There was a substantial amount of food, but not enough plates. Later we find the food was poisoned. This is a direct warning. There will be food that looks pleasing to the eye but a poison to the body. We will have to take great caution concerning this at some point, especially with all the GMO foods we consume. In many ways, I believe this symbolism to be a literal warning of the poisoning of our food supply and we will not know until it is too late.

Having those that mocked be killed, and those that repented be spared, has many applications that we see throughout scripture. God will not be mocked, but to those who call upon Him during our time of distress He will save from wrath and a spiritual death.

Dream 2:

In this dream, I was at the restaurant that I work at. As I was sitting down eating a meal, I heard my grandfather (the one who owned the farm mentioned in dream 1). I looked over and noticed he was sitting in my favorite booth. He started talking as if I was just another person in the restaurant. I wanted to hug him and speak to him so badly, but I knew he did not recognize me. I simply held back my emotions and began to listen.

He kept saying how he wanted to plant his fields for the harvest and how he was going to do it. He then said that this year, nothing would grow because of the war that was about to happen and that the masses are oblivious to the signs. He told me to prepare more food because the farmers would not be able to provide any food because the crops would fail.

With the most sincere eyes, my grandfather looked at me and told me to prepare my own garden. He told me that I was selected to be a harvester of souls and that I needed to sprout the seeds that I have already planted and not let them shrivel and die.

Then I woke.


The interpretation is fairly straightforward. I would like to give a background on the kind of man my grandfather was. During the Great Depression, he would help feed and clothe anyone who was seeking nourishment during the famine. Everyone loved my grandfather dearly because he was an honest and hardworking man. I love, respect, and miss him every day. He had lived through the Depression, WW2, the Vietnam War, the Cold war, and the Korean War.

He was the kind of man who kept a food storage because he knew that in times of trouble, the system failed the people. This is why the Lord sent my grandfather to reveal the words spoken. The Lord knew I would listen and understand the severity of what was being spoken to me.

“Preparing your own garden” can be taken literal, and I do think it is important for everyone to know how to survive and grow his or her own crops. Nevertheless, the symbolism is about preparing our hearts and lives in order for the garden of life to grow. If we are to grow our gardens, we as Believers have to remember all those we have witnessed to. We have to remember all those that may spit in our face and mock us, but we still planted a seed whether we realized it or not by acting out of a Godly principle.


The time is now to act in forgiveness, repentance, and kindness towards those who have done us wrong if we truly wish to see the seeds we plant, sprout, and grow into a mature harvest ready for the Lord.

The time is now to take our place in the Lord seriously and not back down from the words spoken to us from Him and among the true church of Jesus Christ – even though many believe a reprieve has come to this nation and to the world. If we truly look around, have we seen the state our world, nation, and our hometowns any better? On the other hand, has it been degrading because we have not taken the time to prepare our fields or our garden for the harvest to come?

I pray all will consider these words and pray to the Father in order to understand whether they are holy and true. I pray all are guided towards a repentant heart, filled with joy, forgiveness, and the greatest of all… love. May God bless you with spiritual growth and correction.


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