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Dreams of U.S. Cities Nuked

Dreams of U.S. Cities Nuked

B.H. – 07/13/2005

I had this dream back in August 2003, but certain circumstances have brought it to the forefront of my mind over the past few months. A plant that towered over my head in the dream (I am 6’3″) was non-existent back in 2003, but is now right where it was in my dream, and two days ago, went from sagging and blocking our walkway, to standing straight up. I was not the one who did this, and the person who tied it up was not aware of this aspect of the dream. Seeing that plant standing up like that sent chills down my spine. This is why:

In this dream, I was in my backyard facing west, the direction of the river (I live in Memphis, TN, about five miles or so from the river). I was standing directly next to the towering plant I described above. There were no shadows, but I could feel the sun’s warmth (midday?), and the sky was a clear blue. Suddenly, there was a bright flash in the southwest and as a mushroom cloud rose into the sky, the roar of the blast hit me, soon followed by a blast of hot wind. I felt the air grow hot very quickly and I hit my knees. I awoke in a cold sweat, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Also, two nights ago when I saw that the plant had been bound up like that, as I sat there staring at it, the phrase, “it’s on a barge” popped into my head. From past experience, I have learned to pay close attention when this happens. Today I took out my map of the city and traced a line from my street toward the southwest and the line ran directly between the two bridges. It is quite apparent that an event like this would sever the supply lines across the Mississippi River as well as kill many people in the surrounding area.

I hesitated to write to you about this dream, but when I saw that plant standing tall two nights ago, I had tell you. Forgive me for waiting as long as I did to pass this on to you. God willing, I’ll be proven wrong.

Cincinnati Nuked?
Garrett Crawford – 04/12/2007

A city in southwest Ohio was nuked (Cincinnati?) and I saw the fallout perimeter; it stretched eastward. I saw three bands of fallout in degress of red according to the severity of fallout. Like I said before, all the fallout moved to the east. The width of the fallout area was from about the 1/4 of the state to the Ohio River, and it stretched into the western parts of the state. I was shown at this time all supplies and industrial goods will cease to be made, and the manufacturing sector will cease to exist. No longer will we be able to rely on manufactured goods, because there will be no one to make them. (David: Garrett lives in the fallout area downwind of Cincinnati.)

Another dream the same night:

I saw a large cruise ship that represented America. They had a large Broadway-style production going on the deck of the ship. It was about Jesus and Christianity; there were many lights, actors, props, backgrounds and smoke machines. It looked like a really expensive and fancy production. It was so extravagant. I recall watching as they had the actor playing Jesus walk on the water, which was on the pool on the deck. I then looked up and saw a sign, a great big neon sign on a pole. The sign read something to the effect of: ‘God is with the US’ or ‘God loves the US.’ I cannot recall exactly what it said, but I do recall that when reading it I just laughed and shook my head.

Chicago Nuked?

Mark Fritts – 04/15/2007

I had a dream last night of a nuclear attack upon Chicago. I was in Chicago and I heard a plane go overhead and I knew that a nuclear bomb was dropped. I immediately ran into an underground subway system and sought protection by asking for the nearest nuclear fallout shelter. I then was directed to where one was which ended up being outside of the city.

(David: This is a warning that the judgment is decreed but there is time to find a place of safety. The only place of escape is to get out of town. Chicago is also threatened with an earthquake soon.)

Boston Nuked?
Ruth Steverman – 07/18/2007

Hi, I had a dream a couple of nights ago. In the dream I saw a mushroom cloud over Boston. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar dream for Boston. In the dream I immediately started praying for my new granddaughter; she had been born. Her due date is September 5 and in the dream she was still an infant.

Thanks and God bless.

D.C. Nuked As I Went to Heaven

Marc Stinebaugh – 05/10/2008

This is very unusual for me, as I rarely have dreams I can remember, and sometimes it will just be a snapshot that I will remember, but two nights ago, on May 8th, I had a really long dream that I can’t fully remember because it was so complicated. What I do clearly remember was at the end of it because something unexpected and out of place happened that had nothing to do with the rest of the dream. I found myself on one of the top floors of a tall high-rise apartment building in Washington, D.C. (near where I live). I didn’t see any landmarks but I still knew it was D.C.

Someone that had been in the dream earlier was standing next to me and as I looked out the window over the city (the buildings looked very small, like Lego blocks). I saw two nuclear explosions on the ground that were in close proximity to each other and grew into tall mushroom clouds very quickly. My immediate thoughts were that the explosion would reach me very soon and I wondered if I would die quickly or not. Then I thought about the radioactive fallout for a second and turned my head away from the window and closed my eyes.

I knew that God could protect me from it, but also knew that it probably wouldn’t have happened that way if that was His plan for me, so I accepted that I would die from it. As I had my eyes closed, I felt an amazing calm come over me and I felt I had died and was now in a peaceful state and that I was going to go to heaven. I laid there feeling this peacefulness and enjoying the feeling when I realized that I was actually sleeping and then I woke up from the dream.


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