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Dreams of the Royal Family

June 19, 2021

I held onto this not feeling led to share it. It kept coming to mind so I thought that I just may not want to share it, so I told the Lord on June 16th that if I saw a good confirmation then I would share it. I had seen a couple of write-ups that I could use for confirmation of some of this but nothing as strong as what I saw the morning of June 17th. I still pushed it out another day. I must admit I never expected to find a solid confirmation. I felt like I did when I shared about the shadow government cutting Trump off. I didn’t want to share it, but I have to be obedient to the Lord and do what I said I would do. He let me know awhile back that He needs strong warriors. We can do nothing but in Him we can do all things.

In the early morning hours of June 4, 2021, I dreamed I walked out onto my front porch. The rails (representing walls) were gone and that made me uncomfortable. I walked over to the left corner and looked over to the ground and felt I would fall. I began losing my footing as the floor beneath me wasn’t solid and steady any longer so I put my arms around the column/pillar at the corner of the porch. The column and I began to fall. I was able to get a footing to stand upright again and also pull the column up with me. The column could no longer stand and went down onto the porch floor. (pillar is a strong column made of stone, metal, or wood that supports) The column that fell was no longer supporting anything.

I went back into the house where Prince Charles was seated in the living room with three other people. I don’t know who they were other than being people there supporting him. He had such an angry expression on his face. He was upset about a change that had been made. I was suddenly standing away from him in the next room although I could still see his face. I was given a piece of paper that had what looked like an emblem on it. The only way I knew to describe what I saw was like a small cursive “i” with a loop over it. There was no color. I was given another piece of paper that showed the change. A blue color was added to the loop that appeared to be a vibrant turquoise. In the dream I thought ‘parliament did this’. I have never looked into just what Parliament is. As I later stood back looking at what I had drawn, I realized it was a wave coming over a structure. I looked up pointed structures and saw a similar picture of what I drew. It was a pointed pillar of a bridge, but I couldn’t share it as it was watermarked for another site.


The rails represented walls and these walls must come down as uncomfortable as they may seem for us. God is joining like hearted/minded people together. With things happening out in the world, if we stand on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ we will not fall, no matter how shaky or unsteady this world becomes. In fact, anything else we try to hold on to will be fruitless. The parliament represents government. I sensed they had made a change that would not be what Prince Charles would want for himself. If it is God’s will to intervene in this earthly government, many will be upset. The bible speaks of this turquoise color in a few places but what stood out was Ezekiel 28. King of Tyre – known to be a great pillar that fell.

The second dream came in the early morning hours of June 6, 2021. I dreamed I was walking into a beautiful, crowded building. I was assisting Queen Elizabeth to her seat as she was very fragile. Her balance was not good and I was very concerned for her as she sank low a couple times and I picked her back up. We made it to her seat, but I realized she was not able to sit alone and I also realized she was in grave danger. I took her upstairs to a bedroom and helped her into bed. I did not know who I could trust to come for her so I tried to contact Prince William directly. No one ever came. The only other thing I have ever received regarding this land is in February 2020 when I woke to hearing ‘an event will stop Big Ben’.

The confirmation that I saw was from a couple of different videos. One was Sadhu Sundar telling of Neville Johnson having an experience where he was telling the queen that Prince Charles must not take the throne. The other was on Live to Glorify (never saw it til today) where he actually had the dream told below, although he did reference Neville Johnson speaking to the queen as well. – – – Live to Glorify gave this dream as I am summing up for you to read. He said that he saw a large bridge over a body of water supported by pillars that were gigantic upward pointing hundreds of feet high made of shimmering silver. This bridge represented Prince Charles’ bridge to the throne. It was a path supported by death hidden in the beauty of wealth and royalty. The waters beneath were almost sapphire in color and no marine life occupied them. These living waters represent those that live by the Spirit. Glorify said that he descended into the deepest depths. There was a tremendous shaking where hooked anchors began to unearth from the bowels of the water and heard monstrous sounds. Glorify said that if Prince Charles takes the throne there will be a shaking in the church of the United Kingdom – deep oppression hooking into her. Glorify emerged from the waters and saw a large walled garden with eight to twelve cylindrical pillars rising up behind it. A walled garden is defined as a closed ecosystem in which all the operations are controlled by the ecosystem operator. This represents Prince Charles utilizing his influence as king to control the operations of the church in the United Kingdom. The pillars are a group of individuals who will rise up in the support of the oppression he would influence over the nation’s church to carry it out politically. The hooks which had emerged earlier, now on dry land, were attached to thick chains anchoring down a rusty industrial fishing boat – binding it so tightly it would not move if the earth itself was turned upside down. The now depleted water had been replaced by dry, barren land surrounded by hedges of grass bush, a walled garden. The industrial fishing boat represents the church and her evangelical efforts within the United Kingdom rusted over a long period of persecution. If Prince Charles takes the throne, we will see a tight and oppressive binding of the United Kingdom’s church. What was the home of some churches living by the spirit, will become a spiritual wasteland. Glorify requested we pray that God will intervene and rise up a righteous ruler.

I believe this is a call for prayer and that I was shown what will happen if we intercede in prayer and God’s will intervenes and answers those prayers. The queen represents the monarchy and the land where she reigns. I believe there is danger in that becoming what Live to Glorify saw. I pray the walls come down so that like-spirited people are united in prayer and in support for all brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray the pillars of this world bent on Christian persecution come down, overtaken by a wave of prayers from the people that live by the Spirit. I pray we all stand on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, our cornerstone. There is no other support. I pray the God of Heaven and Earth from whom all blessings flow will intervene in these earthly governments as is His will, not ours. Enter into His rest by our faith in Him, without worry but in constant prayer and in thanksgiving for all things.

Live to Glorify is a youtube channel I am not familiar with. This particular dream is listed as being uploaded 7 months ago. It is titled ‘Prophetic Dream – Prince Charles is not going to take the throne – UK Royal Family Throne Prophecy’.

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