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Dreams of the coming destruction of USA – Teresa Douglas

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Dreams of the coming destruction of USA

November 22, 2020
Teresa Douglas

Finally got our WiFi up and running again! Yaaaay! It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve posted any dreams, visions or words from the Lord that I have received. I have had several of them and want to get them put up. I’m going to just list them all together.

In the first one I saw a map of the USA. The country was cut almost completely in half by flood waters! All of the eastern half of the country was under water, except for a few mountain peaks (3 or 4) sticking up out of the water that now looked like little islands!
Everything else was gone!

I heard these words in the night, they woke me up,

Had a dream that there was a warning going across the TV. It said something about there was going to be a flood, and with in a few days time our area would be under 5 ft. of water! I then heard the answering machine going off and it was saying the exact same thing!

I heard this in the night, “NEW MADRID!

Had a vision of seeing a map of the USA, on it was written a large number representing an earthquake. The number was 7.5 and it was located out in the ocean just off the western tip of Florida!

I had a dream, I believe it was about a coming Famine. In it I walked out on our front porch and there were 2 little kids out there. They were eating dirt from my planter box. I told them to stop eating it cause it would make them sick. But they kept saying they were so hungry! I was about to call Child Welfare and get them some help, when their parents pulled up out in front and the father got out of the car and as soon as he saw me he jumped back in the car and sped off! I got their license plate number it was just three numbers something like 567.

I had a dream, in it I saw a huge sword. It was gigantic in size!
It had washed up on a beach somewhere and there was a man on top of it walking along the edge of the handle on it. He looked like a bug in comparison to the size of this huge sword!

I had 2 visions back to back. In the first one I was up in space over the USA observing this. I looked down and saw 3 giant circles appearing one after the other. They were Nuclear Bombs going off!
Next I saw a vision of someone’s face as they witnessed this horror happening on earth. The person had huge eyes staring in disbelief at what they were seeing! They were in shock and full of fear absolutely terrified!

I had a dream that everyone had become very angry with everybody else, they became very aggressive and violent towards one another!
In the dream I then noticed it started to affect me also, my arms got very tense and tight feeling! I felt agitated and anxious, for no reason! I don’t know what caused this change in people, maybe 5G, a vaccine, or a virus, who knows, not sure……………

I was woken up to hearing the sound of a Loud Explosion noise!

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