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Dreams of HyperInflation & Famine – Leigh Murphy- Evans

Leigh Murphy- Evans

July 2, 2016

I had a dream inside a dream (double confirmation, I believe). I was telling my friend that I had a dream last night. I said that I wish I knew what it meant. Then I turned to go get something and The Lord told me the interpretation of the dream (inside the dream). He said “Super hyper inflation is coming, Cost of goods will sky rocket and no one will be able to afford anything!” By the way this was after I had been praying for confirmation that we are suppose to be prepping etc for things that are coming….

I also had a dream where we couldn’t get our money out of our bank accounts.

Febuary 1, 2018

I had ANOTHER dream yesterday about us not having much food. I had to take a handful of leftover stew and make it go further to feed my whole family and there wasn’t much to work with….. (Food Shortage)

I had that dream in July where I had a shopping cart only half full of groceries and when I got to the checkout stand the cashier said that will be $745.00 and my husband and I had to start putting things back it was too expensive and we couldn’t afford the groceries…

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