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November 24, 2020 1:07 PM
Puerto Rico

God bless you guys! My name is Marcos and I want to share some dreams and an experience I had recently. I don’t know the exact dates of the dreams but I think it was maybe between mid-2019 and 2020, through that time.

Unfortunately, I’m also not able to remember the order of the dreams, since they were many and their topics differed.

Dream #1: I saw a satellite map in front of me. I saw how hundreds of storms gathered in the Atlantic Ocean and they were being formed from West Africa all the way to Southern Portugal (or in the Strait of Gibraltar). Then these storms joined into one HUGE storm, covering almost half of the Atlantic. Then I saw that the storm was heading straight towards the US Mainland. Then the LORD made me know that HE was going to judge the US using hurricanes or storms.

Dream #2: This dream was way before the George Floyd protest and before the pandemic, but I think it has some resemblance. I was walking in our front yard and I saw tribal African men and boys coming from the nearby bushes. They were casually getting out of hiding because I knew that they used to hide in the woods around our house. Then I approached them and started to speak with them and make jokes. Then as I was conversing with them, we looked towards the road towards the front of the house and I saw a military tank with a soldier on top coming slowly towards us, but stopping nearby. All of them hid quickly in the bushes and rocks and I knew they were being persecuted. Then, as the tank stopped and the soldier just casually gazed around, I turned my head towards the bushes. That’s when I saw a genocide. I saw dead children from that tribe on a mass grave. They were being exterminated! It was such a horrible sight!

Some nights after this dream, I had a similar dream. I was in India, (I don’t know why because I’m Puerto Rican and never traveled there). I was accompanied by a Christian Indian little girl. We were positioned in a space between houses in a village next to an elevated small concrete platform. In the dream I was trying to get her to lower her voice because if she said out loud something about being Chistian, I knew we’d end up in trouble. So as I spoke with her, there approached a Middle Eastern looking man in Muslim clothing. As he approached the small concrete platform I saw a baby appear lying on top of it. He was dressed in a toddler onesie, but his face looked older. To me, he looked like a man who was in a baby’s body, it was very strange. Then the Muslim man took the baby, who was unconcious on the concrete slab and hung his shirt on a hook on the side of one of the house’s walls. He did it in such a way that the baby suffocated. Then I saw that the face of the baby was that of a grown man. I believe I saw George Floyd’s face. At the time of the dream, I didn’t remember what his face looked like until I started to see the posters and murals of George Floyd. Then I remembered that that’s what I saw.

Dream #3: I was running down the hallway inside our house in fear, running away from something. When I reached the dining room, my dad was hiding in the kitchen. Then all of a sudden, a drone appeared in front of our front window. My house is a two story house so the giant drone was hovering at the height of two floors. Then the machine started to scan for people but I hid beneath the window and it didn’t see me. When it flew away the sky was FILLED with them, and I mean FILLED. I don’t know who made them or where, but I knew that someone had ‘released’ them all of a sudden. They looked like this: the body was a dark black metal box as big as a medium table, it had something sticking out from the bottom that I believe was its hovering spot, it had a red LED light in the front that saw you and scanned you, and it had another thing sticking from its side which it used to shoot people. In the dream I turned to the TV and I saw a scene of a news cameraman filming in Chinatown, NYC, as these drones went attacking people as they ran. I saw a chinese man running and then, when a drone shot him, he actually vaporized in this air. It looked like the movie War of the Worlds where the “aliens” vaporized people and their dust blew out. It was just like that. Then I appear above the earth looking at the eastern Pacific coast. I saw what looked like a strip of the earth’s crust rising to the air in lines. This is really hard to describe but to me it looked like tectonic plates of something alike, ’cause they went in lines through the continents. I saw it went into San Francisco and continued as other ‘lines’ went in random directions on the earth’s crust. Then I return to Puerto Rico, at my house and I see in the horizon as the ground was elevated far away. Everytime it struck a city, I could audibly hear screams and cries of people as far as San Francisco and other cities. That’s how bad the suffering was! You could hear their suffering from thousands of miles away! Then at the end of the dream, I am back in the dining room and I see a truck arrive at my house and my dad went up to meet the truck driver. I saw that my dad was going to buy a 5G router for our house, and I wanted to tell him how dangerous it was! When I pick up my phone, an alarm, like the Emergency Service alarm goes off and a machine voice of a woman says: “A.I. has officially taken control of this phone.” I saw the image of the AI as a female face figure colored blue, because AI is usually pictured as a transparent blue circuit-like female face or hand.

I want to share one dream and a testimony from some days ago. I was given the dream in mid-2019.

Dream about today’s missionaries and persecution:

Back in 2019, the LORD gave me a very important dream regarding how Christian missionaries and Christian families live in persecuted countries. I was taken to a city in Saudi Arabia. I was with my family: my dad, my mom, my little brother, and I. We were living in a beautiful ancient-looking hotel in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). We were in a room in the hotel. Before I go on, I must explain something about the culture of the area. Muslims usually hold daily prayers at certain times of the day, called Salah. They also go to the Masjid (Mosque) every Friday. In the dream, while me and my family stayed there, we tried to stay quiet on certain times of the day, because we knew that Muslim were praying on other rooms. The actual reason we did this in the dream was because, since we are not Muslims but Christians, if someone heard us not praying, they would suspect we were non-muslim and interrogate us. We also tried to hide the fact that we were US citizens, (in real life we are US citizens because Puerto Rico is a US territory). For some reason we couldn’t say where we were from. At one point my little brother makes a sound, like ignoring our advice. Then we froze in fear but no one came out of their rooms, so they heard nothing. Then as I was talking with my mom, I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I heard a voice say, like narrating: “And then he was filled with the Holy Spirit…”. I started to shout things that I can’t remember what they were and I could not stop. I felt as though the Holy Spirit of the LORD was taking control of my vocal chords and my mouth and He was saying as He wished. My mom asked me if I could stop, because even though she had heard the voice, she was kind of worried about me. But I said to her: “I can’t, I can’t stop speaking…”. Then it ended, and I stopped speaking. I knew I was proclaiming truths from God, but I don’t know what I said. Only God knows because He was the One who spoke through me. After this, my dad and I went to the lobby and went out through the front door to go somewhere. As we went, we opened the door and I saw a young Arab man older than me who dropped something on the floor. When he picked it and got up, I saw the most calming and joyful smile on his face! We immediately knew that we were both Christians. God was letting us know in the Spirit who was from His body and who wasn’t. It was such an amazing experience because everytime I met a Chrisian in the dream , we were both filled with joy, no matter what was happening around us. Then I go back to the room and my parents ask us to go bring something to eat from the lobby restaurant. When we went down, my brother and I had to cross through the hotel’s mosque (masjid). We had to go straight through it. We were dressed in muslim clothing and went all the way through their praying room. No one noticed anything strange so we went rather quickly. When we finally got to the restaurant or bar, I got a bit nervous of the situation. That’s when I saw an Indian young woman sitting at a table. She looked at us and immediately, as with the arab man, we both knew we were Christian. She smiled just like him and we smiled back. It was like God was sustaining our emotions by bringing us closer to others in the body of Christ no matter their nationality. When we greeted her casually, I noticed that I forgot to bring the ticket for the elevator to go back to our room. Then the young Indian woman asked us if she could pay for us to get up the elevator, (in the hotel you had to pay to go on the elevator). We thanked her and went on it. Me and my little brother enjoyed the ride on the elevator! When we got back to our room, my dad and I saw a passenger plane in the distance. It was on fire and it started to go down in circles. And then, it blew up. The sound of the explosion was so great, that I had to cover my ears and get down, it was so loud! Then the screams of people outside followed. We rushed down the stairs and went outside. We tried to run as far away as we could from the hotel. There was chaos everywhere. As we were running on the lawn outside the building, a second plane came towards us and was about to crash in front of us. Then as we all ran away, I separated myself from my family and jumped to the side because it was going to hit next to me. Then it also crashed with another, less loud explosion.

Then I woke up from the dream.

I’ve thought many things about this dream. I believe that when Christians are in countries like this, Jesus blesses them with joy by allowing them to know other Christians in their same situation. He also speaks through them, because He must spread the Gospel. Also He protects them from danger and destruction. With this experience that Jesus gave me, I have an idea of what it’s like to live in countries like Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iraq, and so many others! We must pray for Christians in other lands so God can work on them and spread the Gospel as fast as possible. God bless you guys, from Puerto Rico.



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