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April 5, 2024 5:44 AM
Isaac Alvarado

Good morning dear brothers, only the Lord knows how I came to this page but I want to share with you some dreams that I have had in recent days and months. The Lord bless you

My name is Isaac Alvarado ( Costa Rican living in Germany )

Since 2019 the Lord have given me Dreams and Visions here are a few that I want to share with you

DREAM (1) 04/03/2024

I had a dream that I was at the airport and I was in the waiting room to get on the plane when I looked outside and I saw 2 planes leaving, one with the flag of Israel and one of Russia, leaving simultaneously.

By guidance and understanding that this 2 Nations a entering in War again 2 different wars

DREAM (2) 28/03/2024

I was at my sister’s house and I’m looking out the window watching the horizontal when suddenly the moon rises, there were two moons that appeared on the horizon. People were calling to each other and there was amazement and panic and fear, what’s happening, they were wondering. We continued observing the two moons in the sky, it was something very strange, both of us

they were full

DREAM 11/03/2024

I had a Dream and they told me about the northern countries that had been warned and it seems that they did not hear the warning. Then I could see a golden cloud and in front of that cloud a very large plane was coming from the direction of the Sun.

The Lord is alerting us that His arrival is soon and that we must prepare for His Coming. I believe that his coming will be more and more confirmed by the Signs in Heaven so let’s prepare…

DREAM 02/15/2024

I was visiting a family in Costa Rica when suddenly while talking it began to fall and the place was filled with very very fine gold as snow with a cloud of very fine smoke from the sky and I knelt down and began to speak in tongues and to have visions. . In front of everyone .

This is what I received in the Dream and Saw in the Dream:

– A Strong Devastating Earthquake will shake Jerusalem and Costa Rica (I was able to see a Stadium fall and collapse in Costa Rica)

– I see something in the Area of Artificial Intelligence emerge another very dangerous and alarming advance (very daring)

• Prayer for the President of Ecuador a Situation with this Man.

When I finished giving the Visions, the Sun was about to rise in the Dream and its rays could be seen in the dark Sky of the Morning.

Let’s get ready the Lord is coming


I leave my house and I stare at the East of the Sky

I can see the Costellation of the Big Dipper and I could see 2

Moons and a Red Comet between the 2 Moons

I entered the house and told my mother that there were signs in the sky

with a humble heart the Lord bless you I m on Instagram : warningshamar835 there a more since and warnings of the Lord that he have gave me for his people the Lord keep you .

God bless you see you in the rapture

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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