Dreams Collection – Angela Heidebrecht

By Angela Heidebrecht

October 25, 2017

Dreams I have had

There was a young girl that was so excited about going to get her drivers license.She found out thou she could not get it.
She would have to take the chip (mark of beast).Everyone had to have this to drive.
Than I was talking to a family member telling them about this.They looked at me like I was crazy. I said dont take it.It is the mark of beast.I pointed to my hand and said they want to put a chip in your hand.They started walking toward the door looked back at me and slapped the door.

Another dream
I had a dream about Obama.

The dream started. I was laying in bed praying for a man that was deceiving people.Then Obama came out from under the bed not in human form.Then i saw a man with his back to me.I beleive he was the man i was praying about.Obama was in front of him looking very very evil and ran right toward the man and attacked him.
Than I woke up.

Another dream
A another dream I had about a fema camp.
I was taken to a very large fema camp in America.It was being ran by other countries.There was lots of people there.I was put in a small wooded building about the size of an out house.There was several structures like it thru out the fema camp.I could over hear a couple of men talking and saying they just shot and killed 2 more.I was than taken to an area where they were feeding people.A lady came in begging to eat they told her no she was late and she would not get anything until the next day.I saw that they feeding people a small whole fish.People were so hungry they just tore into them.I was also shown women (that were also not american)working in protection clothing in the kitchen.I was shown what they were feeding them was poisoned.I saw them dump something into the ocean a shark came up but did not want it.There was also a red bubbling substance that just floated on top of the water.Than I was taken outside where I saw very large wooden post people where chained to them.The chain was very short all they could do is stand.Than I woke up from the dream.

I was in a house with several people. I heard a loud noise I looked out side a plane just went over and started shooting at a house down the street A couple minutes later the house I was in lit up with gun fire. Than i woke up.
One thing I noticed everyone in the house I was in was hurt by all the gun firer.

One of my dreams.

The sky opened up Jesus appeared.
Next I see Jesus in a tiny boat.
Then I see 2 girls in a building walking down a dark hall way. .A truck comes speeding toward them.They run the other way.They find a door unlocked and run in.They check the window’s and find one unlocked and jump out.They try to hid.The truck comes speeding to where they are at. Several men get out.One says we are not leaving here until they are found.
Than I see several people at a table.They were giving people shots and the chip mark of beast. There was 2 women there that had refused to get them.When one of the ladies turn around to walk away they jabbed a shot in her arm.The other lady ran and they caught her and also gave her a shot in the arm.Than I woke up from the dream.

Another dream I had
I was walking into walmart to return some items.As we walked thru the doors there was only one way you could go.There were several people lined up.Walmart had fences to where you could not shop or go to the cash register to check out. Only way you could buy anything is if you had the chip (mark of the beast)They were asking everyone in line where they wanted the chip placed or if they already had one.The lady in front told them in her hand.I started telling her no it done not take it and explain why.It was the mark of the beast and she looked at me like was was crazy and took it. I turned to the person I was with and said let’s get out of here. I am not doing this and turned to leave .I woke up from the dream.

Another dream
I was in a car going down the highway.I noticed several planes in the sky off in the distance.A few mins later 2 fighter jets flew over.They started bombing us.I felt by body as I tumbled thru the air.Than I was lifted up and said it really happened .Its over its really over.Than I saw myself being in heaven.Than I woke up.

Another dream
I was a sleep.I was awaken with the house shaking.As I am laying there I can see out the door.The land is moving like rotating.Than I woke up

Dream about grid blackout

I was at my house with my grand daughter and husband.My grand daughter was in the living room watching tv.I was in the laundry room.My husband was a sleep.All of sudden everything quit.It was pitch dark.My grand daughter is so frightened and is screaming for me and trying to find me.I try to wake up my husband but be will not wakeup.Than I heard twice this will happen….

Another dream about blackout
I had been trying to warn my family about things that was going to happen I had told them about a blackout would happen.We had a family get together for a b-day party.We were all sitting around talking.When everything went dark.

In prayer I also was told there will be a blackout caused by the grid.

I also have had a couple of visions

One was a computer screen with bible verses on it .The verses started going by faster and faster

Another one was of a fema camp and military vehicles as far as you could see around it.

Another dream
There was several women sitting In a suv in front of a house.They knew a storm was getting ready to come.They were to busy talking . The storm came , a tornado took them in the sky.They were being tossed and turned.They were saying why didn’t we go into the house for safety.As they looked below and the house was not touched. Then I woke up from the dream.

Another dream I had.
I am in an apt building with 2 other people.We had just laid down to go to sleep.I heard several voices outside and a lot of commotion .I got up and looked out the window.There was people running everywhere trying to escape. Military vechles were everywhere.The military all were holding guns and rounding everyone up.I told the two people I was with I told you it would happen.There is nothing we can do now they are rounding all of us up.
Than I woke up from the dream..

A dream about Trump
There was a lady that worked for trump.Her daughter was very ill.The lady needed help with health care ,she spoke to Trump about it.He gave her healthcare but it was not enough to help the little girl.The lady went back to talk to trump.She told him the health care he provided did not cover all of what her daughter needed.He lend over and said he would take care of them Then he started kissing the lady.Than I woke up.

This is not a dream…
Several weeks ago I was praying about trump before I went to bed.The next morning I was awaken and heard twice that trump will be over thrown.


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