Dreams: Church going to Antarctica and Peace Taken from the Earth – Immanuel Acree


Dreams: Church going to Antarctica and Peace Taken from the Earth

May 21, 2022 11:28 AM
Immanuel Acree


In the first dream, I was telling a specific unbeliever/unrepentant person something like this: “If you think that things are bad now, wait til the church leaves and her peace goes with her” …

In the second dream, I was in a boat on the ocean by Antarctica. I went north and immediately found a giant procession of porpoises being guided by navy ships. There were rigid barriers on each side of the porpoises like lane rails, guiding them south to the Antarctic. I relocated on to one of the escort ships and then there was a zombie on the ship or maybe several that appeared. The first zombie that came towards me I began striking with a towel.

End of dream

Interpretation: at the time of this dream I had no idea that porpoises are native to this southern part of the globe, so the dream taught me factual information on the side. But these porpoises are equivalent to fish, indicative of the church. The ships represent ministries. The lanes show that this path is set and cannot be averted. Antarctica represents adversity of which could be called most difficult, most uncomfortable, and most constant.

The zombie appears to represent dead, deaf, unguided ministry. The church needs to wake up from her zombie modes and get reawakened to actively hear from the Holy Spirit for her navigation and daily portion to overcome these coming tribulations.

Application: I boarded one of the ships for ministry. We need to pray that we ourselves would be helpful for the ships as useful servants, and that the ministries stay properly connected with Holy Spirit.

God bless,

Immanuel Acree

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