Dreams – Anonymous



November 15, 2020 10:13 PM

The dreams:

– Night of 7/8/17 & 7/9/17
It was realized that a bunch of people had gone missing so the elites replaced them all with robots.

– Had a dream where I was in an apartment or some kind of building and everything was packed up. I was ready and about to move out, then I woke up.

– Night of 7/21/17 – 7/22/17
The Antichrist was out to destroy the world. He looked blue, like the “god of death” from the new movie “Death Note” and the ice zombie king guy from the Game of Thrones and also kind of like Dr. Manhattan from the “Watchmen” movie.
The Antichrist had power to destroy anything he wanted and there were huge bombs going off randomly across the planet. These bombs seemed to have the ability to destroy all of civilization, but were not nukes as we’re familiar with.

– Night of 9/16/20 – 9/17/20
I was living on a planet (I thought it was Earth) just going about my daily life. One day I had to make some kind of crazy emergency route to get the kids to school (I’ve never had kids). This crazy route started off perfectly normally, but then I went over some kind of “hump” and began driving rapidly downhill. I passed this crazy fish-lobster hybrid kind of creature (it was small in the distance, but when I got next to it it was monstrously large like what I’d expect from the Bible’s Leviathan).
As I kept driving the kids to school downhill, pieces of the planet (which now entered into my mind as actually being an asteroid) started breaking off toward another planet (which I’m pretty sure was the real Earth). I woke up at about this point in the chaos as the asteroid was breaking into pieces and the ground beneath us was heaving like crazy.


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