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Dreams and Prophetic Warnings – Isaac Alvarado

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Dreams and Prophetic Warnings

April 17,2024 4:15 AM
Isaac Alvarado

Dream: Bloodshed Is Coming To The Northeast Of Brazil

“By sleep, in a night vision, When sleep falls on men, When they fall asleep on the bed, Then he reveals to the ears of men, And points out his advice to them, To remove man from his work, And to remove from man pride. He will keep his soul from the grave, And his life from perishing by the sword.,,
Job 33:15-18 KJV

Response is coming from
Almighty a Shaking comes to Turkey and the right-wing neighbors of this country
Woe , Woe , Woe

I was in Prayer when the Lord started to talk with me about David his journey .
THIS is a Calling for the Men’s among God a People this is a Calling for the Davids to rise

You who have a heart of integrity for the Lord
You who knows what worship really is and have a real heart of Worship
You who had sufferd persecution and don’t fears the battle and giants
You who have been taken among the Sheep’s
You who have a humble heart to repent before the Lord
You who have vision ( David had the vision and disire ) to build the Lord a Temple the Lord is calling those David who have vision for his plans . To the front FOR THIS LAST HOUR !

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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