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Dreams About Tracking Your … – Steel Sharpens Steel

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Dreams About Tracking Your …

January 13, 2023
Robert A. Avila

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Over the years, Holy Spirit sent me many dreams regarding tracking, secret files, and the dark purpose for which they are compiled and maintained. These few dreams paint a broad picture:

Dream #1: A high school administration secretary phones a home. An older mother answers.
“Jeremiah has not reporte for his <carrot emoji> in the shoulder.”
“I know,” says the mom. “We told him. Believe me, we told every way possible. We have all our <carrots>.”
“This is very serious, Mrs. Green. You know I have authority to send the police to grab him, bring him down here and force him to receive his <carrots>. You do know that don’t you?”
“Yes. But we told hi—“
“And that is what I intend to do if I don’t see him before tomorrow morning.”
“We will send him as soon as we find him.”
“You better.” Admin woman hangs up phone. She turns to face a younger woman in a back room. “Pull the file for Jacob Green.”
The two women find his file.
“Sure enough,” says the older. “This file is red flagged. I knew that boy would run. That’s why I had them put a tracker on his car.”
But a search for the car locates the auto, but not the student.
Next, they examine his online activities and find he thoroughly researched five different destinations.
Next scene shows the boy, his girlfriend, and his best friend. They traded cars with another person. And their real destination is not one he researched on the computer—that was misdirection.
The three teens evade their hunters.

Dream #2: Young girls are groomed for the illegal activities with men. One escapes. One of the male leaders finds a woman secretary.
“She escaped.”
“Let me see if I can locate her,” the secretary says. She sits before a computer and types. “I know her music profile. If I can find a similar one created recently, that will most likely be her.”
This means they collect information on our habits and can track and hunt us with this information.

Dream #3: This dream showed many short scenes of ways we are tracked. Money from ATMs is attached to your name. Your bank card took it out, they know it is in your pocket. When that money gets scanned at a store, or deposited to a store’s account, the algorithm records that information to your file.

This dream also showed that the algorithm assesses and interprets metadata as well, and it forms best guesses about where you went and who you met there. A man leaves his smart devices home and bikes to a restaurant. Two other men meet him there. The algorithm notes the absence of voice input and inactivity on the mens’ equipment. It triangulates places within range of the men for the time they went off-grid. It determines which venues they could have reached. It then searches financials and finds that a $100 bill withdrawn by one of the three men was deposited by TGI Friday’s and records that they assembled there for a secret meeting.
At the end of several vignettes showing tracking methods, an angel said, “They do this because they want to answer the question, ‘If he runs, where will he go?’”

Dream #4: Men with guns go door to door arresting Mormons. They have church registry of members. They take them away.
Next scene: Same activity plays out. This time, they have a synagogue registry of members and arrest and take away Jews.

Dream #5: An angel explains that the files glean and store information related to any potential criminal activity. This way, if they need to remove someone from the playing field, they can use this information to make an arrest.

Read Daniel chapter 9 and Matthew 7:24-29. Seek God, seek his counsel and obey it. That is the secret to survive what is coming.
The enemy already plans to trap as many as possible. They collect information in case somebody flees, they can locate them and force them to submit. They want to know—
“If he runs, where will he go?”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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