Dream: Youth Snitching About Everyone They Can – Immanuel Acree

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Dream: Youth Snitching About Everyone They Can

September 30, 2023 6:14 PM
Immanuel Acree


This dream was simply a work environment with a teenager, apparently in high school (but perhaps college), where he had some authority. I am almost certain he was a lifeguard but he may have been a basic supervisor at a store. In any case the point of the dream is that this youth had no concept of how to handle conflict let alone other people’s welfare, jobs, mistakes, etc. He was trying to write someone up for even the tiniest mistake. Every detail was to be recorded and not just for duty’s sake; but rather because he had a mindset and spirit of accusing everyone almost like society had become a bloodsport of who can accumulate the most dirt on everyone else in all directions.

This dream was over as soon as it began, and with myself being an active witness on the scene, I felt the need to get away from this crazy kid but I also knew in the dream that it was everywhere and escape would not be easy.


This dream is obviously a warning of what is coming or is already taking over society especially among the upcoming working generation of our youth, and I believe is also a call to prayer and for elders and our family soldiers to assertively push for our youth to understand that snitch culture is from the accuser, “hasatan”, who is always blaming and trying to burden everyone with guilt and bondage. We need our youth to learn how to settle problems with other people the right way: constructively, without constantly turning their sins and even their tiniest mistakes into fodder for the new “KGB,” whoever that might be.

So the proper application is to pray for our youth and teach them how to be men and women who are good leaders and bosses and coworkers and parents, and how to escape the traps of endless finger-pointing. They are learning that this world is nothing but traps and hostile situations in which they must kill or be killed.


Immanuel Acree

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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