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DREAM: You will lose your crown and in one hour, you will be destroyed – Akeem Godson

Akeem Godson

November 3, 2018

I just woke up from a dream where i was walking down in the street and saw a beautiful women in black was cooking something ( cook outside ) , i was looking at her and her also with a smile in his face ( i dont know what it mean ) but while i was looking at her , i saw in my left the head of statute of liberty on the ground and the body part in the right side and i say to the head of statue of liberty something like * you will lose your crown * ( fall maybe ) and in one hour ( Day ) , you will be destroyed * and i saw a man and say to him * do you have familly in America ? ( because i live in canada ) warn them they gonna get hit by a bomb and ( day ) to get right with God , i ask him do you know America is babyloon and in one hour he will burn ? he answer , * America can’t babyloon , its don’t say he is , how you truly know he is the Usa the bible talked about ? * and i reply * God told me america is babyloon , Rev 18 was about him and his judgment , you need to ask God ( pray ) the true meaning behind Rev 18 to understand , because babyloon is not what people think he is ,( rome etc ) but Usa and God told this to dumitru duduman the defintion why babyloon is america , go check his video dumitru duduman wake up America ( End dream )….

if you dont believe America is babyloon etc , do some research or go in prayer and ask God for confirmations if this is true , the meaning etc because that’s what he told me and i’m not the only one who he told this so and remember God know the bible than us , he is the one who wrote it and have all the knowledgeS , if God say he is Usa , then he is and God is not a liar….the bible can be hard to interpret or decode, just go ask God for more understanding and he will show you , God bless you ….

P:s : This picture is just a illustration what i saw ( find this picture on google )….


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