Dream/Word: “The sea shall split, an earthquake for judgment on North America” WARNING! – Christopher Harris

Dream/Word: “The sea shall split, an earthquake for judgment on North America” WARNING! – Christopher Harris

June 4, 2018

I had a very full on dream/word from the Lord. I waited an additional day to see if there was any further instructions, but I did not receive any, so I am releasing this now.

Two days ago, I woke from sleep and heard the words, “I will split the earth as a plumbline, under the sea shall split, an earthquake for judgment on North America.”

I also heard, “Lying, never believing, punishment must come” (there were more words describing people’s behavior, but I couldn’t remember them all). I heard, “North Carolina will face it”.

I then immediately went into prayer to confirm if this was from the Lord and then fell asleep. Then I had a dream of being with my close friend and my brother and I was talking to the Lord (I didn’t see Him) and He was showing me a concrete wall with writing on it (writing on the wall).

The writing was strange and could make different letters but looked like W W and I knew it would be a worldwide earthquake, or so severe it would be felt worldwide. I then saw a scene of a coastline and huge cracks coming under the sea towards the land and extremely violent shaking and I saw the land near the water sink with houses going into the water and the land that was further inland sink and be in the water and I heard, “The factories will be dry. The houses will fall into the water”.

Then I heard something like, “from North Carolina to Cuba”.

Then I woke up and also heard, “Waters are coming, waters will flow, abide in Me and you wont have to go.” And, “Get right with Me, or you may lose your mind.”

I felt the Lord was very sad to have to do this and felt His sadness. This was what I received.

In the dream, I didn’t even see the huge tsunami I knew was coming from this earthquake under the sea, only the initial earthquake damage which was great.

This will be a great judgment from the Lord upon the United States. This judgment could be so severe and shocking, people may lose their sanity. I didn’t even know where North Carolina was on the map of the US until I looked it up and indeed saw it was a coastal facing state on the East Coast.

I made a post here 8 months ago about a dream I saw of New York City being hit by a huge tsunami and the Lord said in that dream, prayers can help lessen the height/destruction of the wave, but that it won’t be averted.

I believe there will be a huge undersea earthquake off the coast of the East Coast USA, perhaps near North Carolina that will be violent and cause land to sink followed by an enormous tsunami from North Carolina to Cuba.

I don’t know if this is the same tsunami I saw hitting NYC, but it may be, so I am assuming again the whole East Coast could be effected. I don’t know when this is coming.

Please take this to the Lord in prayer. Please pray to the Lord if you should leave from these areas. I felt this was important to release. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy in His judgments and for souls to be redeemed by faith in Jesus Christ. May God bless you

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  1. Melchizidek Salem

    October 2nd 2024. That is when the first 5 trumpets will sound. I have some more information on Amazon like When the Lamb Roars. This is just as I feel God has led me. It could not be true <3

  2. Arizona

    AMERICA WILL DIVIDE THE APPLE OF THE FATHERS EYE,..ISRAEL,the christians are laughing their head off, they do not believe he will do anything to them,THEY would be wrong…..70,000,000 million people will die that day,ALL CAUSED BY AMERICA,then the JUDGEMENTS will really fall on them,endlessly till the return of the LORD,america will have been completely destroyed,POPULATION “ZERO”…

  3. David Mehew

    I’m sure there are dire times coming to America. Im looking for God to be doing mighty miracles. This is the time for his people to get prepared – I have felt it becoming darker. I’ve had times throughout the day where I’ll just suddenly be grieved, usually I’m working, so I can’t really stop and go to prayer. I’m really in need of some answers.

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