Destruction, Dream, Prophecy, Tsunami

Dream/Word: A Great Wave: Woe unto you, people of San Francisco! – Debi Peters

Debi Peters

October 25, 2018

I feel this is very urgent to get out.

I prayed last night for a dream if the Lord wanted to give me one. I received this dream and words from the Lord today, Oct. 25th, 2018. I prayed about it and feel that it’s an urgent warning that He wants to be released. My dream was very short and intense. In it, people from the U.S. were suddenly in a large body of water that looked to be an ocean. They were struggling in the water, alive, but about to drown in minutes. I feel strongly in my spirit that this is going to happen soon. I wasn’t sure when. I prayed about it after I awoke. The Lord led me to write down these words:

Warn my people of what’s to come: Great devastation and loss! These people are stiff necked and rebellious of my ways. They have not seeked me, nor learned my ways. They do evil in my sight. Therefore I will cause a great wave to crash over them and destroy them. Woe unto you, people of San Francisco! Woe unto you people of the West coast! Behold I come soon! Behold I come soon! Behold I come soon!


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