Dream, Vision

Dream/Vision: Fireballs, Blood Red Sky, 3rd Temple Built, Antichrist Worship, Prison – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Sergio Peter Rodriguez

May 25, 2018

I had a dream and a vision I saw the future and what it holds. I saw Balls of Fire falling from the sky and I saw the Third Temple already built. I saw people dressed in casual White worshipping the Antichrist in knees it look like the people and Islam the way they get down and their knees by large groups. And I look up at the sky and it looks blood red and there is turmoil and chaos and every direction it looks like the devil’s Kingdom on Earth panic and disaster and evil rip the land. God’s children we’re protected far away from all of this. We were high and lifted up as we watch the Antichrist deceive the majority of people. Some of us were thrown into prison and some tried to escape. as I was there in prison someone else was trying to kill this other person. Even in prison there was turmoil but a very quiet silence and I saw somebody using a phone call to call someone. After that I was out from prison like if I had escaped walking amongst houses, I saw a coffin and people getting ready to bury the coffin and I see this house which should not be there but it was being rebuilt. I return back and I see the person who is in the coffin and I replied he is dead, why is he being reburied again? I said to myself it must be a robot or a clone cuz that person is already been there before and I woke up from that dream.


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