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dream vision: emp and war – Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie

May 17, 2018

dream vision: emp and war

On May 17, 2018, I had a ‘dream flash-vision.’ What I saw VERY clearly was an old, American, pick-up truck that had been restored and painted bright yellow. When I woke up, I went and researched what type truck it was, and saw that it was definitely a 1940’s model. Then I prayed and asked the LORD for an interpretation and received two:

The color ‘yellow’ is a color that represents warning, caution or alert. I only see ‘colors’ in my dreams/visions when the LORD is trying to get my attention. So, this vision was definitely a WARNING vision.

The old pick-up truck, and the year of the truck, represents the 1940’s era. It was during this time that WW2 was taking place (1939-1945). Since the truck was ‘restored,’ in my dream/vision, it points to the same kind of conditions that were happening then, will occur in the present day — mainly another World War.

The second interpretation warning I received was concerning an EMP. Only older cars (1974 and older) will actually work after an EMP attack. The fact that it was a pick-up truck, and not a regular car, points to a rural community of farming, which will become the lifestyle after an EMP hits. In the last few years I have received MANY warnings from the LORD concerning an EMP hitting America.

The LORD then led me to the passage below. Please notice the last verse where it talks about the ‘light of the lamp’ going out. In the NLT version, it actually says: ” the lights in your homes will go out!” Jeremiah is actually talking about a ‘lights out’ event:

Jeremiah 25:7-10: “But you did not listen to me,” declares the Lord, “and you have aroused my anger with what your hands have made, and you have brought harm to yourselves.” Therefore the Lord Almighty says this: “Because you have not listened to my words, I will summon all the peoples of the north and my servant Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon,” declares the Lord, “and I will bring them against this land and its inhabitants and against all the surrounding nations. I will completely destroy them and make them an object of horror and scorn, and an everlasting ruin. I will banish from them the sounds of joy and gladness, the voices of bride and bridegroom, the sound of millstones and the light of the lamp.

In such a simple dream-vision, the LORD was AGAIN warning HIS people about the two biggest threats we face today……WW3 and an EMP attack in America. I continue to hear that we are to prepare ourselves, both physically and spiritually for these possible disasters that are looming over our very existence. Please continue to pray for mercy and grace in our time of need!




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