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Dream/Vision: A Senior Processing Facility In Baltimore, Maryland

December 17, 2021 5:29 PM

December 13, 2021

It opened I was already inside the facility, somehow I had got passed the front door security set-up and was in the main lobby, in front of the elevators. I went to one elevator, doors opened and I knew I had to go to the sixth floor, of the seven in the building. I was to see a woman I knew (in real life I no longer know anyone in Baltimore anymore). There was three other white coated doctors or medical staff, in the elevator with me and they were laughing about the fake vaccine regimen. I missed the sixth floor and got off with the others, on the seventh floor.

They dispersed and I moved away from the elevator, to a large staircase in front of me, that went down to the sixth floor. I noticed there were hundreds of seniors sitting dazed, with wide open eyes; all were silent. They looked like they were in shock. I woke-up and asked the Holy Spirit for details.

He said the following:
– to open to the public, early in 2022
– situated in Baltimore
– offered as protection to seniors only, who are vaccinated, as against the coming new pandemic
– no family will ever see their loved ones again
– no one leaves except in a coffin
– murder is the game, don’t go there for any reason


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