Dream, Martial Law, Pandemics

Dream: Virus, Turmoil, Conflict – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Dream: Virus,Turmoil, Conflict – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

September 23, 2018

I had a dream again about to end times there was turmoil and conflict. There was his company which I cannot remember which was testing a new form of virus and only one person had a cure. The virus was spreading and martial law was on the streets and they where telling people to leave. Someone had given me the Cure and I was supposed to take it into this remote place some sort of Island. In the dream I was being chased. I was running from place to place, Now remind you the person in the dream was not me. Tension and war broke out in the middle East. Russia Putin had ordered to nuke South Iraq and Hezbollah as tensions built with the United States. Russia blames Israel for all the conflicts. Turkey betrays the world out of fear and makes an alliance with Russia and the greatest super powers Unite to cause the greatest War the world has ever seen. Everybody was against Jerusalem for they knew if had control of Jerusalem they would gain control of Israel. Every nation in the world was against United States and China for they seek to take the crown of the king. At this point Israel was divided into 2 States which was the Middle East conflict and Israel. As the Antichrist had set his eyes on the Third Temple and out of trouble and conflict he took a kingdom with flattery and marched into Israel in preparation for the Third Temple. In tge dream Syria was completely gone, a remote place never to be remembered but a place for battle grounds. Many states wanted the oil out of Syria, Israel, and Iraq. The United States was in so much turmoil I cannot remember most of it……. I believe there was more to the dream but I can’t remember


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