Dream: United States water poisoned by radiation- Anonymous

April 20, 2017, 11:17

I know from 1993, when we had an exceptional dream, that the United States will disappear from the face of the earth.

I dreamed that I was in an empty cinema hall, and I was watching a gentleman in front of the stage, who was talking about the end times, about the end of the world. She asked me if I wanted to know how it will be, how it will begin. I was curious, I was waiting. At one point the darkness was totally in the hall. I knew there would be days of total darkness. In the dark, at one point I felt as I was aspired by a higher force up. After a few moments of vertical flight I saw the earth as an exceedingly beautiful blue globe. We were in alien space already. I continued to be pulled up through the universe and at some point I heard a voice. It was the voice of God that said to me: And America will lose it from the face of the earth, for there comes all wickedness, wandering, unbelief, loss! Then I returned to the ground, back to that room that was now full of spectators. One of them, whom I knew, said, “Now let’s see what’s next.” The Lord in front of the stage told us: “Do you want to see how it will begin?” And we, curious, we were watching everywhere. At some point, under the exit doors of the room, a RED WATER began to flow. (on signs that it was poisoned by radiation). I tried to get out of the hall. I went out into the corridors and saw them flooded with red water to the ankles and even above the ankles. That’s how the dream ended. At about eight, nine years from this dream, I dream of the Savior Jesus, who said, “I AM IN AMERICA TO SAY THE BEGINNING! The Lord, mercifully, he still wants the world to return to faith, he wants to get America out of disaster.

That’s what I dreamed, dear Christians. Here are twenty-five years old and they begin to confirm what they see even in dreams.


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