Dream, Russia, War

Dream: Ukraine and Russia, Front Line Theater –

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Dream: Ukraine and Russia, Front Line Theater

October 3, 2023 5:19 AM
Immanuel Acree


This dream was, as usual, short and straight to the point. I first observed the front line of the current war between Ukraine and Russia. I could see that both armies were doing something unheard of in modern battle tactics: they were forming a long line for mass attacks like a Napoleonic bayonet charge but were still using automatic rifles. They were stretched out as a line of what must have been a kilometer wide, 20-30 men deep, literally a thousand or so massing on each side and shooting at “point blank” which means close enough to forget about using any sights or windage. Anyone should see that this can only mean slaughter on both sides. It was crazy.

Now I was seeing this from above, as from a low flying drone.

I also saw in a glimpse of extreme brevity that a famous actor and WWE wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, had shown up for the battle almost like we were living in a tv commercial. But I didn’t see him on the front lines, I just saw him “showing up.”

However in the next part of the dream I am now on the ground behind the line, at a shoreline where landing craft or boats are bringing logistics back and forth somehow or from which the Ukrainians perhaps arrived to the fight. As I am standing there among the few personnel around me I am just commenting to them about how strange and unjustified the whole situation appears; specifically, I say to them, “How is it that we have all this high-quality drone footage of all the combat, and yet Ukraine is supposedly clinging barely on to the bitter end?” I just could not get my mind around how this war could be for Ukraine’s survival and yet the whole battle was still being carefully displayed like an action movie to the outside world: the drone operators weren’t even shooting or bombing.

They were clearly just there to promote the war. And that means they weren’t afraid of getting out-fought.


The dream consistently refers only to the unjustified absurdities of this war which defy rational explanations: the combat style is far too deadly and wasteful of human lives, the distraction of making high tech video and advertising of the war is far too well designed, and the Hollywood-style faux encouragement and glamorization all show that purpose is one of revealing its true nature. Neither command is actually focused on winning. The war is literally a contrived, conspiratorial “endless war”.

Through research in the real world, facts have already pointed to this conclusion as the Ukrainian army continues to be rebuilt over and over again via foreign aide and yet Russia never makes any surgical progress. And the money trail around Ukraine’s political entanglements is absurd and defies conventional alliances.

Further, this can all be understood through the revelation of the Protocols of Zion in which occult secrets have been exposed pertaining specifically to the art and science of making world wars in order to completely rearrange and reorder society, the economy, and governments across the world (read it). Thus the unwary patriotic citizens happily sacrifice everything to make their agenda even more successful as if it were a holy crusade. This is how our world works.

The combat theater of God’s kingdom requires spiritual discernment through biblical education and spiritual disciplines which lead to X-ray vision of our world’s secrets and to the ministry of God’s holy angels.

Now is the time to become prophetic or perish.

Immanuel Acree

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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