Dream, Martial Law, Tsunami

Dream: Tsunami, Martial Law – Tammy Diehl

Tammy Diehl

April 7, 2018

I had a dream about a year ago of a huge tsunamin hitting on a beautiful summer day as I was walking to a public pool to go swimming. it hit and I went under and as I was ready to give up and die ,I survived it.i then seen martial law come in and they were shooting at everyone hitting me.again I thought I was dying but it was some kind of gun that stuns where you cant move. As I came out of it,i ran and they caught me and had me in front of a firing squad to execute me on live tv. I called for jesus and all their guns jammed enough for me to escape. I went to warn family members to run to the mountains to escape as they were after me not them and then woke up


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