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Dream: Trump Shot Dead -Micheal Sutherland

By Micheal Sutherland

March 6, 2018

Dream: Trump Shot Dead

Very short dream, I was in a hotel in Italy when the announcement came through that Trump had been shot dead.

444News note: in the past year I’ve come across many different dreams that say same thing.

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  1. Rover Radar

    I read that too, at the height of the campaign in 2016 – some weeks before the election. And also, I strongly sensed a repeat of 1 Samuel 8 (Israel Demands a King), early into the campaign. God always, and richly bless you!

    In this word, Trump is (will be) slain.

    Holy Spirit Wind – Jeff Byerly
    “I tell you this day Donald Trump is also as Belshazzar for he is the last king of Babylon/America.”

  2. Rover Radar

    Here’s another one – scroll down to the February 18, 2018 update.

    The 2018 Economist mag cover, some thoughts UPDATED

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