Dream, Trump

Dream: Trump – Robin B

Robin B

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trump Dream

Last night I had a short dream. Rarely do I dream about political figures, but Donald Trump was in my dream. It was very short and easy to interpret. The dream began with me having fond feelings towards Trump. It felt like infatuation of some sort, and we enjoyed each others company. He wooed me with his charm and power. He was dressed in a black suit, and the red tie he wore was a very noticeable feature in this dream. Then the scene changed and he was now treating me as if I was a nuisance. I understood at that point that he had used me to accomplished his goal and now he was discarding me. I felt very disheartened and confused in the dream. The feeling was like when someone breaks up with you to end a romantic relationship. End of Dream

Interpretation: Donald Trump has used Christian’s to become elected as POTUS in order to achieve a hidden agenda. He and those whom he serves have now achieved their original hidden goal, so he no longer needs to romance us. I believe He will now begin to reveal his true purpose and agenda to Americans with complete disregard to our feelings and opposition. The tie around his neck represents the consequence he will experience for turning his back on God and his children. His actions will be like a noose around his personal neck, but also represents the big picture. America will be judged as a goat nation.

robin b at 5:18 AM


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