Dream, Obama, Trump

Dream: Trump & Obama – Paul Sudeep Kavery

Paul Sudeep Kavery

Dream about Trump & Obama:
Date:9-APRIL-2018 Time:0500-0600hrs.

In this dream I saw the back room scenes & conversations unfolding between President Trump & Obama, as the stage was being prepared and set for a worldwide live telecast concerning the future of America.

During this time America was in town chaos, it had faced unprecedented problems, there was a financial collapse of the dollar, wars were being waged in different parts of world. There was rioting & mass civil unrest in most of the cities caused by shortage of food and essential commodities.

I heard Trump yelling at Obama accusing him of being the most evil person on earth, Trump said, “So you are the prophesized Antichrist? ok so be it.”

Then began the world wide Live telecast of the preconceived program, that is to name Obama as the last life time President of America. Donald Trump was supposed to step down from his post of President that same day and bestow all powers of office he held and grant it to Obama.

Trumps face had reddened, He didn’t talk much, he signed the order and He addressed the people sitting in the room. He said, “Now only Obama can save America….”

Dream ends.


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