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Transformation dream?!
Posted May 9, 2017 at 8:37 AM

Early AM 05/09/17 – awoke about 6:30
I was in a large elongated atrium-type room with high ceilings & clear glass windows. I was with other people who were sitting about, chatting, relaxing. Suddenly there was this hazy blue cloud that started rolling thru the room from the far end, & as it approached, we all got so excited! I was jumping around shouting, “It’s happening, it’s happening!!” Then the cloud engulfed us & we started lifting off the ground & floating up into the air!! We were actually hugging each other as we were floating up, & I could see that everyone had “changed” into a younger form of themselves. At one point, my best friend from high school said to me “Look at your hair!” & I shook my head down to see it. It was a golden blonde instead of the white blonde that it is now. I remember floating thru the ceiling rafters, but then suddenly we were in another room (so we didn’t go into the sky outside like I would have expected).
I can’t remember details about this new room except it was large with high ceilings, & there were comfortable chairs & lounging couches all around, pillows & blankets. Someone told us that we were allowed to explore the library & bring out books to read & study, but we weren’t to go anywhere else but the library. And I asked “Is this in heaven?” & I was told yes. So we all went off exploring, & there was a large long hallway, but I don’t remember details about it. I went into a small room that had aqua-colored walls (my favorite color!) & was skimming thru books on shelves & stacks to find something to read. I remember looking at a book on nutrition. Suddenly to my right I saw a basket of fruit, but I noticed 1 of the bananas was too ripe & the skin was discoloring, & another banana was missing the tip, like it had rotted off. I thought “How could there be rotten fruit in heaven?” so I prayed & commanded it to be restored, & right before my eyes, the missing tip reappeared & the blackened skin of the other banana became yellow & fresh again!! I was so excited I was moved to tears! I began showing others what happened too.
Then the scene changed & we were “shopping” for new clothing. I picked out a small white peasant-style top to try on (one of my favorite styles). The lady helping me pointed out that it was lined & had a built-in bra. She was “older” & I wondered about it because we had all changed to our younger selves. Also I saw that some of us still had glasses on, & I asked “shouldn’t our eyes be perfect vision?” & then “knew” it was a matter of faith, so I took my glasses off & my vision cleared on its own! I think there was a little more to the dream, but I don’t remember it now.


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