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DREAM to PREPARE!! – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

Febuary 16, 2018

This was yet another dream where I awoke and the first words out of my mouth were…”No!….God NO!”
THEN, as I was gathering my thoughts, I happened to look at my messages and realize another trusted friend who dreams had sent me a MESSAGE telling me that they too had dreamed to “Gather food and clothing supplies” only hours ago.
Also before I share the dream, I’m CONVINCED that God will speak to you as to how you should be ready personally.

The day seemed to start off as any other day, although there was a different “sense of anticipation” in my heart and even the landscape seemed to look different and the colors and hue outside and inside appeared more “3-D”. There was a grayish -blueish look.
I was away from my family but not far. I was away from home, but again not far.
I know this is significant; although I’m not quite sure yet.
I remember that it was almost as though you could literally hear everything coming to a grinding HALT!
I recall thinking almost IMMEDIATELY, “Oh my God, it’s REALLY HAPPENING!”
I FIRST FOUND myself looking out over the land and it appeared to be around the Washington DC area. I saw people panicking, running for cover and safety and desperately trying to get to their homes and families .
It was heartbreaking to see the fear on peoples faces. Not only were they fearful but they appeared to be completely dazed and confused.
There was complete pandemonium and CHAOS! Sadly, a panic had hit the people and I saw men in suits, professionals running into buildings and from buildings carrying their briefcases.
THEN almost immediately I found myself BACK at my own house and I walked into my shed and looked around me.
I saw my wife and daughter and I looked at my own supplies and said, “We don’t have enough water, we’re not as PREPARED as we should have been!”
I looked over and saw only a few cases of water and I KNEW this was not enough.
Maybe for one of the first times ever, I too felt the sting of not being ready, this was new for me.
I remember looking with sadness and grief for my own family as I realized that I had not done enough by them to get them through this crisis.
There was NO ELECTRICITY, there were NO LIGHTS, somehow instinctively I KNEW we had been hit and life this side of Heaven would never return to normal.
For ALL THINGS had changed in a moment of time!
I then recall myself meeting with people and bartering with them for food and water and clothing.
I remember meeting with one of my friends who is an Elite SPEC OPS and he was telling me that this was “NO DRILL, THIS IS THE REAL THING!”
I saw people meeting in towns, in obscure settings in the country.
Some Communities had set up passageways that you could only enter by permission.
I saw these places with people that were well-armed and ready to defend their families.
The only way that people were surviving was by joining together and coming together to meet their needs. I saw people go from the shocked to fearful, to determined to survive.
I saw people that I knew were adversarial in life normally, now coming together.
I know instinctively, that somehow BOTH, Russia and China were behind this and it was brought about in such a way as to preserve the natural resources if the land, but at the TOTAL EXPENSE of the population.

I saw skirmishes between Americans and these foreign Army’s and just as in days if the revolution, “Guerilla Tactics” became the way to combat and even at times I saw surprising victories from small bands of committed citizens who were angry about that which had happened.
It was as if we were living out the movie “RED DAWN”
I too remember feeling angry, yet knowing I needed to keep my head and work methodically to keep my family safe.
I remember recalling the scripture in Revelation 6:6, ( and I actually heard this being said in the background as everything else was going on around me:
” A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”.

My friends there’s more to this,dream but I feel as though I have shared as much as I am supposed to AT THIS TIME.
I will say 2 more things that really stood out were that I saw stoplights dangling in the streets and they were dead and I saw NO RUNNING vehicles!
God knows I’m not trying to create any panic or disorder for God is not the author of either.
However, just as so many of Biblical times, Noah, Moses, Joseph and others prepared for what they saw COMING, then I would advise you to prayergully consider the same.
As I have told others:
“It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!!”
Seek the Lord as to what you PERSONALLY should do!!

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