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Dream: thousands of nuclear warheads headed toward west coast – Jonni Thomas

By Jonni Thomas

Dream: thousands of nuclear warheads headed toward west coast

About a year ago I had a colorful and vivid dream, it did not seem to be dream, but real. It was night and the sky was clear with twinkling stars. I looked to the west, to the Pacific Ocean in the U.S. and looked in the sky. I saw something bright heading toward me from the west. It was a bright white light with what looked like a trail of smaller lights fanning out behind it. It was beautiful. Curious I got binoculars and zoomed in to see 7 or 8 nuclear warheads all in perfect alignment. Some were painted blue and white, some were red and black with yellow. Some were just yellow or just white. To my horror the smaller pretty lights were actually thousands of smaller nuclear warheads following the 7 or 8 larger ones. They looked like small arrows but were powerful bombs. It came into my mind that each of those warheads had a specific target. This happened over a year ago and is still as vivid and horrific now.

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