Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Dream: The World Goes Dark – Lucy


APRIL 7, 2009
Dream: The World Goes Dark

Dream on October 8, 2008

I was outside, walking to what looked like an outdoor concert or stadium, my son was with me. It was a very beautiful day and the sun was out, the sky was clear. Just a normal day, people were out. I was happy, things were good.

All of a sudden the entire sky went pitch black. The sun was black, the sky, there was no light at all ! It’s like if someone just switched off the lights. I know everyone around me in the parking lot knew and could see it was pitch black because I could sense the people around me, walking around in the darkness and stumbling. Everyone was in shock about what was happening, it was supernatural, no explanation.

I was so scared I knew there was no way I could walk in that darkness, so I dropped to the floor immediately and I crouched up in a little ball, I curled up. I started praying in the Spirit with everything I had. I felt like if the world turned upside down. I don’t know what happened, I could not see, blacker than black.

Then as I started to pray I saw little sparks of light coming out of me. That was the only light I could see, but it was inside of me. There was no light for no one else. Inside as I realized this I started to panic, I could not see my son and I was so scared he was alone all by himself in the dark world with no light to see. I had a sinking feeling inside of me. But there was nothing I could do. I told myself I hope he is praying, I could not see him nor anyone, no one could see each other at all. (my son has accepted Christ and is baptized, on his own accord).

I woke up when I heard my son call my name. What is it I asked. He said, mom, mom, Yes, I said. Didn’t you call me? Huh? No, I didnt’ call you I was sleeping. Yes, you did, I heard someone call me, someone called my name two times, someone called my name, I thought it was you. No, it was not me, I didn’t call your name.

My feeling is that pure darkness is going to just blanket the world, so fast no one is going to realize what happened. We only have Christ to help us in that darkness, at least in my dream that is what happened. The dream felt so real, like a normal day.

The next morning:

This morning as my son was getting ready for school I asked him what happened last night. He said he just saw total ‘black out’, ‘mom, it was like Neptune’s Fury, all dark, I could not see anything’.

Neptune’s Fury is a water ride at Raging Waters, a water park. You get in a raft and it goes down through a twisting and winding path, and then through a dark tunnel. The ride itself is fun, but when you approach the pitch black tunnel it is unnerving because you don’t expect to be thrust into the blackness.

I believe the Lord is showing me that it’s going to get very dark (evil, without the Lord, no love) and to stay close to him, keeping my heart clean. Those who do not know the Lord will not have any ‘light’ and will be in darkness (spiritual). Also, it’s a reminder to me to ensure my son grows his faith in the Lord.

Feedback Received:

I received the below interpretation from a reader:

Isaiah 5:30: In that day they will roar over it like the roaring of the sea. And if one looks at the land, he will see darkness and distress; even the light will be darkened by the clouds.

What the LORD is showing you is the SORROW coming on the earth but for his people that are in his will walking diligently in knowing his word the LIGHT in them will lead them in the midst of this darkness as symbolized by the light coming out through you.

Psalm 119:105: ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,and a light unto my path’


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