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Dream: The Russians were taking over America city by city!!! – Anonymous

MAJOR US-RUSSIAN WAR END TIME DREAM!!!! This dream was sent to me by someone who wants to remain anonymous. He had the dream last night. The dream took place in my home town of Welch, WV where I was born and raised!

Welch used to be a booming coal mining town back in the 80s and 90s, but it is more like a ghost town now with old buildings in it that are vacant and it is located near train tracks that runs through it to give you an idea of what Welch looks like today. (see pics below)

IRONICALLY!!! An END TIME MOVIE was partially shot here in Welch, WV a few years ago called “Z For Zachariah” and I just got chills watching this movie clip again at the link below:

You can rent the movie from YouTube or Amazon Prime. It is a very good movie!!!!

I can’t tell you the whole dream because it was so long but I will hit the most important parts. The Russians were taking over America city by city!!! FIRES EVERYWHERE! Looting and rioting was everywhere you turned! Martial Law was in place! Cities big and small were overtaken by the RUSSIANS!!!

In this dream, the man dreaming it was able to hear, smell, feel, touch, everything! All of his senses in the dream were highly active!!!!! And he said he has NEVER had a dream in his entire life where all of his senses were fully active in the dream until he had THIS DREAM!

He saw the peoples faces as if they were in real life! He could see their age spots and moles on their skin in great detail! He could smell them as this one man had a smell to him.

He could hear the Russian soldiers talking and the Americans as well in the dream! He was fighting a war in his small town of Welch, WV.

In the beginning of the dream, it was a bright sunny day and everything was normal. He was sitting on a bench talking to this man named Bob and Bob talked about how he had a place where they had guns and ammo hidden for years in case something ever happened and then all of a sudden it went down without warning and bombs were going off in this small town!!!!!! Bob and the young man teamed up with other Americans to fight the Russians!!!!

In the dream, Russian soldiers were everywhere! Killing people everywhere!! Showing NO MERCY!!! Blood shed was everywhere in the streets!!!

In one scene, the man and his American friends were rescued by the US Military in a US helicopter and all of a sudden…they ran out of gas and they crashed around 6 feet from the ground and his teeth jarred in the dream from the thrashing impact and he also accidentally killed one of his friends in the dream and he cried so hard in the dream over it. The man he shot was gurgling from blood in his airway and he said to him in his last dying breath “you didn’t mean to do it”….

He said it felt so real as if he was in a REAL WAR!!! He heard the Russians laughing as they would put fire in the ditches to kill the Americans that were hiding in them!!!

IT WAS SO SURREAL! He could smell the gun smoke! Feel the heat from the guns that they had fired! Hear the bombs! He could feel the weight of having to carry guns and ammo with the other men. He could feel the pieces of brick hitting his face when the enemy would attack their building that they were hiding in!

When the man woke up from the dream….in real life, his teeth were hurting just like in the dream when the helicopter crashed, also his face was red and wet from crying, and he was exhausted and felt dirty as if he had been walking for miles and miles just like he did in the dream!!!!

THE END or should I say…TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!


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