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July 6, 2021 10:41 AM
Linda Hasche
Luke 21:26-28 (Holman)
“People will faint from fear and expectation of the things that are coming on the world, because the celestial powers will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!”

DREAM, Part 1:

A huge “mother ship” appeared in the sky.  I saw a massive number of people stunned and staring.  I glanced at the mother ship, then looked away at the people.  I saw ALL who stared at this ship have their eyes change, while going into some type of trans-like state.

The people were drawn to the ship to get onto it.  I absolutely knew this was demonic and evil.  I left and went inside of a building to hide.

I saw my brother James, with his dog Cody.  James also knew this wasn’t good and didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

I then saw entities that were in the shape of a human coming after me.  I then woke up.

After getting up for a bit, I then went back to sleep and went back into the dream.

DREAM, Part 2:

After all the people had gotten on the mother ship, I thought I was safe from the evil, but that was not the case.  The entities were looking for ALL humans to capture.

I was then in a house similar to what I grew up in, located in the city of St. Louis.  My brother James was again in this part of the dream with his dog Cody.  The entities were coming into the house with people who had been mind-controlled.  I saw the eyes of these people had symbols in them rather than human eyes; they were totally mind-controlled.

My brother James chose to go with them because he was so ill and knew he couldn’t make it on his own.

These mind-controlled people and the entities with them were trying to convince me that I needed to go with them too.  I started SHOUTING . . . “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!”  Then started speaking in tongues LOUDLY.  Using the name of Jesus immobilized them.  They all stopped as if frozen.

I then started SHOUTING. . . “Father, send Your angels!!!, Father, send Your angels!!!”

Then suddenly an angel of the LORD appeared in the doorway.  All of the mind-controlled humans and the entities had to leave.

Both the angel and I went outside.  I saw small groups of people who had also hidden from the entities when the mother ship appeared.  They were ALL Christians and they were all saved from the evil.

I woke up.

Interpretation / understanding:

My brother James and his dog, Cody, both passed away last year (May 2020).  My brother was very ill, but was strong in the LORD Jesus and ready to go be with Him.  Many will pass away and many have passed away in 2020 and 2021 who were also strong in the LORD, but the Heavenly Father chose (and will choose) to take people home to keep them from the evil to come (Isaiah 57:1-2).

The people who all stared at the mother ship and became “mind-controlled” are ALL of those who took the CV-19 death “jabs”; they will not be able to resist the frequencies that come from the skies, that will turn on the nano-particles that were injected into them.   These people will become zombie-like.  They will ALL want everybody also to take the CV-19 death “jabs” and will be helping the entities (fallen angels / demons) try to convince non-jabbed people to take the death jabs.

The AMAZING part of this dream, when it looked like I was going to be captured:  the name of JESUS caused the entities and mind-controlled people to stop/freeze.  Also, the Heavenly Father sent an angel to protect me from planned harm.

ALL Christians who didn’t take the CV-19 death jabs, were spared from the mind-control that was going to happen.

Why the mother ship?   Because fallen angels are behind ALL of these CV-19 death “jabs”.  The “mother of all lies” as the saying goes.  These CV-19 death “jabs” are to ultimately turn all who survive the depopulation, to become satan’s army to fight Jesus and these will WILLINGLY take “the mark of the beast”, which you will be able to see on the right hand or forehead”.

Are these CV-19 death “jabs” the “mark of the beast”?  NO!! NO!! NO!!!

What are they then?  They are “markers for slaughter”  and for mind-control minions to take “the mark of the beast”, to ultimately become satan’s human zombie army to fight the LORD Jesus.

What are the “prized” mind-controlled people by Satan?  Professing Christians who willingly took the CV-19 death jabs and WILL also willingly take “the mark of the beast” unless they REPENT!!

What if you took the CV-19 death jabs?  REPENT, REPENT and REPENT!!! Again I say “REPENT!!!”  Ask the Heavenly Father to forgive you for putting this fallen angel death juice into you, into “the temple of the Holy Spirit.”  Ask Him to cleanse away ALL that was injected, to heal you and to protect you from ALL harm, in Jesus’ name and by the blood of Jesus.  Amen and AMEN!!!

What about people you know who took the CV-19 death jabs?  Pray for mercy upon their soul.  That they will experience the ramifications of the death jab, as the Heavenly Father allows, so they can see the evil of the jabs, repent and turn to Jesus.  ONLY WHEN folks truly see how evil these jabs are, when it impacts them personally, can they turn to repent.  Most won’t, but some will.



YouTube manipulated the videos I put up on July 5th, first deleting the title and then blocking the info I had on them.  Here’s the link to one of the videos I uploaded on July 5th:

These were related to the mind-control aspects of these death jabs.  Info I wasn’t able to post is below.  A special thanks to Teresa, who alerted me to Operation crimson mist, that was a USA (Mystery Babylon) exercise of mind-control in Rwanda, that caused the slaughter of approximately 1 million people:

HERE’s the info that was not allowed to be posted on YouTube:

PLEASE LOOK AT THIS (CNN Special Report 1985 Electromagnetic Frequency):

Original Article Can Be Found Here


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