Dream, Persecution, The Mark

Dream: The Mark, Persecution and Refuge 3/22/2009 – Isaac Payne

By Isaac Payne

Dream: The Mark, Persecution and Refuge 3/22/2009

March 27, 2009

(David’s notes in red)

I had a dream that the world turned on the Christians. They did not necessarily turn on them because they were Christians but because they did not receive the mark (of the beast). The war on terror never seemed to cease and the focus seemed to be on those who did not take the mark. Anyone who refused the mark was considered a terrorist. The whole world had received the mark and even though I did not see it I knew that everyone had it. Those of us who did not take it had a camp in the woods hidden away from those in the world.

I went into the city one day with my Bible to preach the Word to all those who would listen. After I entered the city I stepped inside a mall and was taken aback by the strange sight.

Everyone in the mall was severely mentally retarded. (The mall represents Babylon’s buying and selling.) Some of the store owners were outside their shop front beckoning people to come into their shop. (Those who seek to sell you their goods or worldly ideas.) Everyone was mentally handicapped from the shoppers to the owners. (This is the reprobation the Biblepromised to those who receive the mark.)

Everyone in the mall had severe hatred for me, so I continued walking around until I came to a storefront where normal people were. It was the only shop where the people were not mentally handicapped. I walked to the front desk and they asked, “May I help you?” I said, “No, I am just here to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.” I was surprised because they were happy to see me. I said, “Wow, I thought I would be kicked out of here by now; everyone hates me.” She said, “No, we don’t hate you.”

They listened to what I had to say. Earlier in the dream I had sewn a blessing to another, and it made sense now that these women gave me more than I had sewn before. The Lord met my needs. (These women represent those groups of Christians who do not buy and sell with the world because they are not marked. They also offer in Babylon their truths for those who will receive.)

So I walked back out of the city into and the woods where our camp was. Marianna, my fiancée, welcomed me there. I walked to a lake that was inside our camp and I saw David Eells and another man lying in lawn chairs, basking in the sun. (This represents the David/man-child ministries resting in the Son.) They were rubbing suntan lotion on and enjoying the day. (Resting in the anointing.) The man who was with David had a moustache that curled upwards; he was also a minister and seemed to be in the same position of authority as David. They were like elders of the community. The other elder was a bit more stern and old-fashioned but still in the same spirit as David. (The man-child ministers will not be carbon-copies but will all walk in the Spirit of the Son.) They asked me about my day and I told them all that had happened.


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